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  1. so managed to get the Firebox working and recording through reaper (SM57) with no problems at all...didnt even have to change any settings and latency free! can record a single track 10mins+ and adding VST/AU on it on playback is fine...in fact i could add delay,reverb,pitchshift and it played back no problems at all! now when i plugged direct and used an amp sim...noticable latency. managed to reduce the buffer down so its not noticable, and can record 10mins+ on a single track... 2 tracks at a time...forget it...struggle town but that was direct...havent tried dual micing or dual line ins yet. i can play back 2 tracks at a time thou... should suffice for now for what i want to do. ill prob investigate a smaller lighter laptop in the near future thou...if only you could use programs as well as plug in a mouse on an ipad...
  2. i might take you up on this offer... if its still valid sometime in the new year... working on some recordings...and i hate everything about drums (midi programmed drums and getting them to sit right and mix right with bass)
  3. i might take you up on this offer... if its still valid sometime in the new year... working on some recordings...and i hate everything about drums (midi programmed drums and getting them to sit right and mix right with bass)
  4. ^ get a toggle wired in to flip the fx order So you can have both options But, Yeah Im interested in how many who have both on their board, stack them.
  5. nice demo! that smitty Tele/P90...want so bad!
  6. DIY = build for yojrself. Has nothing to do with quality. Arc is past that stage...and imo that DIY Thread has also kind of lost its meaning. But nevertheless Great work on getting those enclosures. I have no doubt the guts will aesthetically impress too. Thumbs up!
  7. Originally Posted by Poltergeist the correct answer is both. i prefer the Shin-ei with bass and the Superfuzz with guitar, to keep it short. yup agreed! the FY-2 is crazy cool esp with bass. im having some fun with this circuit at the momment.
  8. so technical/circuit aspects aside... does anyone own both? or use 2 on their board? any preference over one or the other?
  9. Phil have u had any experience with blue microphone products. Just stumbled across them and theres some cool stuff... Like the snowballs and icicle that have my interest
  10. ^ that akai looks badass!!! want! i was looking through my local classifieds and spotted a Audio Techinca AT2020 USB mic for cheap. im assuming this could just plug straight in without the need for an interface? this could be quite what i need...as im mainly planning on single room micing...on the go. the AT2020 im lead to believe is more for podcasting? are they any other usb mics that would more cater towards...loud distorted guitar...or a band mix in a rehearsal room?
  11. Cool ill cjeck that out. Just stumbled on the lexicon alpha. Cheap too. Im also wondering... Should I take this opportunity to upgrade my interface for the iMac and use the firebox for the PowerBook. Hmmm...
  12. im now debating on buying another interface...havent even tried the firebox yet, but i know im going to be too lazy to unplug and replug everything from my desktop setup. its been a while since ive looked at interfaces...looking at more portability (and compatibility) with what i have. if it can record 2+ tracks simultaneosly thats a bonus...but only single input is fine any suggestions? mbox2mini has my attention, but a quick google search brings up a lot of brands/models ive not heard of.
  13. Originally Posted by Phil O'Keefe Any time! Please let me know how it works out - I'm curious! reaper PPC installed fine and plays back audio fine...i just did a quick test by loading multiple wav files over and layerd them and seems to play back fine...even put some au's (verb/delay) on a few tracks and no probs! will have some time to setup the firebox up tonight and see how it tracks...
  14. they are from my neck of the woods... i also coincedentally work at the same place as the singer's (jordi) dad, who is an insane jazz saxophone player! they cop a lot of flack from perth "locals" i put it down to tall poppy syndrome or people unhappy with their success (pretty much putting it down to the drummers dad being who he is) and how infectiously catchy(albiet a bit cheesey...ie akward) their tunes are + hearing them on tv ads..
  15. my dream tele turned out to be the cheapest guitar i owned. mostly secondhand parts or free. cost me under $500 AUD (which is pretty much equilavent to USD) HWY1 Body the yucky pink one - $100 used...sanded it back, attacked it with powertools to do a belly carve and a slight forearm contour. stained it to match the maple neck and poly in a can ...finish has held up great MIM maple neck $100 used...needed some work...but i like a bit of hands on Dimarzio twang king and chopperT pickups wired up 4 way (im a Richie Kotzen Fanboy) im itching to do another tele parts/frankenstein caster... filtertrons/la cabronita style this time round thou...
  16. MI posted this up on another forum...their switching system/mother ship controller for their upcomming NAMM apperance... The main controller is a 40 button footswitch, from which we can: - turn on or off 16 pedals using a MIDI true bypass switcher. - send the audio from the pedals to one of ten amps. - The top row of buttons becomes the footswitch for any of our amps, so we can change channels etc. - Any FX we have in the loop are switched to the active amplifier. - The output of any amplifier can be sent to one of 8 different cabs. 1) Pedal bypass looper: 16 relay bypass loops. The cool feature with this is we used latching relays which means that idle current consumption is very low (about 10mA), so it can actually run off a 9V battery! 2) Amp Input switcher: Takes the output of the pedal looper and connects it to the input of up to 10 amps. We could have built this into the same box as the pedal switcher, but decided to modularise it. It has jack sensing on it, so it won't switch to an amp if it's not plugged in. Once again, can be battery powered 3) Amp channel switcher: This was obviously customised for the amps we're taking. Each amp has an isolated ground, so no ground loops, but also means that it can switch functions which aren't necessarily referenced t ground. 4) FX Loop switcher: We're going to run some effects in the amp loops, so this allows us to make these effects 'follow' whichever amp is currently being used. This means you don't need 10 sets of effects if you're running 10 amps. 5) Amp output and Speaker switcher: The big bubba. This box can take the 8 and 16 Ohm outputs of our 10 amps, and switch them to the speaker outputs. Amps which are not connected to a speaker have a dummy load connected, just in case something happens. In total, there's 2000W worth of dummy loads in this box. Finally, the active amp can be routed to one of 8 different speaker outputs. The unit contains sensing to make sure a speaker is plugged in before switching to it. It also has a safety mechanism if a speaker is accidentally disconnected. Here are the dummy loads! Each resistor is 50W power handling Can't wait to see this thing all hooked up!!!
  17. i recently built one as a one off...major PITA to fit but it was worth it!
  18. Originally Posted by Phil O'Keefe Oh... one more thing. While you can try to record directly to the internal hard drive of the PowerBook, ideally, you'd want to use an external Firewire drive... especially if you're doing more than just a couple of tracks. Recording to the system drive is generally not recommended, but again, if it's just a couple of tracks, you might be able to get away with it. im planning on having reaper run off a USB drive...will see how it goes.ill check out audacity as well cheers for the help all
  19. Originally Posted by Phil O'Keefe The PreSonus site says that no drivers are needed for the Mac, but they have a downloadable installer that works with OSX 10.3.x and up: http://www.presonus.com/support/downloads/FireBox That, plus your Firebox, plus either Reaper or Audacity, and you should be good to go. its all coming back to me now... i used to run the firebox with cubase sx on a pc...until said pc died...the PC was ancient running XP...and served its purpose at the time im pretty sure windows vista had issues with the presonus driver...and windows 7 was out yet...so i jumped ship to mac due to the no drivers required...but no cubase for mac (at the time..lol) but i learnt garage band and logic...and briefly reaper...
  20. Originally Posted by Phil O'Keefe Simpler and cheaper than Reaper? I doubt it. You could try to track down an old version of Emagic Logic Audio Silver, which was a stripped down version of Logic that was popular back then, but it's much better at MIDI than audio, and it could be very difficult to try to find an old version like that from years ago. If they have a PPC version, I'd try Reaper first. That one won't cost you a dime to check out. If it works, the personal use license is only $60 or so. The main things you need to record are a decent interface with good drivers that will work with your OS, and a good hard drive. The requirements on the CPU are relatively minor, especially if you're only recording a few tracks with no processing. However, once you start adding any processing (plugins, mix automation "moves", lots of MIDI data, etc.) and things will go downhill really fast. Also you may have higher latency than you might get with a more modern system. yeah i figured reaper was the go... ill see how i go when i get home tonight and plug the presonus firebox in. hopefully its a simple case of installing the drivers and reaper and away i go... if im going to do any processing/mixing ill use my desktop iMac...this will just be for pedal demos/prototype pedal testing clips.
  21. So...i have come into possesion of a Powerbook G4 (free!) Im hoping to be able to use this for some
  22. mint = used but in pretty much flawless condition
  23. in terms of building pedals...the best explanation i could come up with... "do you like...go watch bands...do you see the dudes up there like... step on something and awesome comes out? i make those things they step on"
  24. this is a bit CSB, but my wifes friends + husband came over to our place, the girls did their thing whilst we got to hang out in my man cave. he liked music but and was really interested in all the pieces of gear i had in my room, pointing at each one and asking what it did. when he spotted a red bean like POD thing plugged into my computer... i explained it "allowed me to have access to all these amps and fxs" him - "so why do you need all this other stuff" quickest response was to compare it in video game terms...he likes cars so i explained that in gran turismo...he had access to all these cars yadda yadda...its not the same but its fun. simulation will eventually get to a point thou and ill have no hesitation in plugging into the matrix.
  25. i used to gig a cobra. had a cobra and Dragon 4x12 too. now i have this Ruby Top + 2x12 cab...i even run the mismatched V30+GB speakers (what they load in the ruby riot combos) on paper...specwise it points to vox ish territoriy, but after direct comparisons with AC30s...i wouldnt say that. the cleans are way bassier and not as chimey...and the lead channel is just different. i love the lead channel just for leads....but not so much for crunch the clean has one of the nicest breakups ive played...and i use the hotplate sparingly just to get the vol closer to that sweet spot. great platform for pedals, and pretty much what i use in all my clips/demos the fx loops on framus amps are a bit of a PITA thou...0db line level+ parallel(so you need kill/dry) the timefactor is the only pedal ive had that works perfect (adjustable line level update was a godsend) some old recordings... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5xZbGsKEC8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CinUi64morE
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