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  1. Looking for a Devi Ever bit with these graphics: [ATTACH=CONFIG]350396[/ATTACH] It would have to be shipped to Toronto so please let me know how much you're asking including shipping if you have one. Thanks!!!
  2. Is this seriously a thread about whether you should drink a beer can with dent or is it a parody of something I've missed? If it is Also, I notice the op hasn't responded since. Afxwinter, you still alive?...... Hahah I'm fine. The thing was, it wasn't just a dent, the whole bottom of the can was distended. I noticed it because it wouldn't stand up in the fridge lol
  3. LOL thanks for all the replies. I drank it right after I posted.
  4. I just bought a bunch of booze and beers and one of the cans of beer ended up with a large bump on the bottom by the time I got home. I assume because it got shaken up so bad that the bottom expanded. What do you think, still drinkable? I thought I remembered being told once that you should toss ANY canned goods that have bumps or dents.
  5. I PM'd you the pics of the 2x12 you'd asked about.
  6. Willing to just buy one outright for $1850 Canadian now.
  7. Mint FX-20 Stereo Phaser with original box for $50.
  8. Mint Mesa/Boogie Recto 2x12 with v30s. Never gigged, only used it in my house for home recordings. I'm looking for either $500 CDN or would be willing to trade with cash towards and Axe-FX Ultra. Thanks!
  9. Looking for one used in the Toronto area. Will pay $1850 Canadian. Thanks!
  10. I have a mint Mesa/Boogie Recto 2x12 with v30's for $550 Cdn. I'm near Toronto Ontario though so unless you'll be in the area I'm not sure if that'd work for ya.
  11. I realize that the chances of getting a straight-up trade is pretty slim, so if anyone is interested in buying the head and cab and possibly the EQ locally I'd be willing to selll it. PM me.
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