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  1. Hi,

    I live in Yorkshire, England.  I am Scottish but moved to live and work in Yorkshire 30 years ago. That's half a lifetime here. I really enjoy it. Yorkshire folks are very friendly.  I still have a bold Scottish accent but I tell my Yorkshire friends that it is them, not me, who talk funny. 

    For me to say I play instrumentals is correct but please don't think I am any good at it. It takes me months to learn a new tune. And IIRC last time I did learn a new one was more than 6 years ago.


    I dug out my guitars a few days ago. Dusted them off and had a  hour or two practicing. I say Practice. It was more messing around than practicing. 

    Anyway. I'll try to put a little effort in to improve. Or at least get back to where I was last time.


    Got a take up a hobby whilst in lockdown. I'll be indoors for the next 3 months. I am at very high risk if I get the virus. Cancer in several places. Including lungs..

    Survivable. I should add. 


  2. Thank you all.


    I'd love to respond individually but you know that would be OTT.


    Mr Idunno,

    I have no technical or practical abilities pertaining to guitar construction, theory or whatever. In fact, I can barely form an F chord. There, I said it. After 40 years, I admitted it.

    On a different topic,

    How many folks here have played a Stonebridge or Furch guitar? I have two. They sound so beautiful when I play instrumentals. (limited ability. )




  3. Hi  back.

    Thank you all so much for replying. It means a lot. More than you know.

    Plus - thank you so much for welcoming me back. 

    Phil, thank you for responding to that question. I can not fault your logic. 

    I hope I can contribute enough to interest others. Be it on or off topic. 

    The forum here is so quiet though. Does anyone remember 10(ish) years ago? Can we loosen up a bit and get this party restarted?



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  4. I was once a regular contributor here at the acoustic forum. It's been a while. Maybe 6 to 8 years since.

    It was great fun learning and laughing with you. The off topic posts were great fun and provided light relief to our main topics. Anyone remember Bridge pin discussions and whether or not Taylor Swift could sing? They bring a smile to my face to this day.

    Haven't posted in a long time. 

    I have dropped in to view once in a while. The forum is so quiet now. Such a difference. 

    I see the powers that be have clamped down on the off topic posts.

    Is that a coincidence?



    I find myself wishing to learn, improve and chat about acoustic guitar after a long, long break.

    Picked up my guitar the other night. Old strings, old tunes, old mistakes. But they sound so good. I'm going to try again.


    Am I welcome back?



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  5. Dear Mister Keller, with the replies so far, i think i have lost enthusiasm for investigating Gibson made guitars. Hovever, your posts over the years assure me that you are a man of integrity, one who knows his stuff and pays attention to detail. I would be grateful and honoured if you would be kind enough to send me one of your Gibson reproductions for permanent appraisal. Of course, I would offer to pay the carraige costs. ;)

  6. From your responses it does seem that buying a "good" Gibson is not a simple prospect. Personally, due to inexperience, I fear I might just buy a wrong 'un. And then regret it. Sounds like it might be a gamble. (Perhaps that is an overstatement). I like the idea of short scale though. Freeman, no particular models in mind. (Feeble) fingerstyle, Celtic/folk, instrumental is what I enjoy/aspire to.. Taylors don't do much for me. I prefer a bit more bass. . Martins are nice, however, i don't need quite as much bass as they offer, generaly speaking. (My ears and lack of ability. Not criticism) picky, picky, picky, ain't I. . My thumb likes a guitar with a bit of bass. But not too much. My thumb tends to be a bit heavy. J15 might be worth a try, maybe?

  7. T-e-l-e, thank you for your input. I recall reading something about thier inconsistent period.any idea when that was? Inconsistency seems to be a recurring theme with Gibson user reviews. Much more so than any other high end brands. E.g. Martin, Taylor. Woods are never consistent. I recognise that. It does create interesting variations for certain periods. Not a a bad thing. Just fact. Are Gibsons bit more reliable, consistency wise, these days? I expect (would like to think) so. but internet conspiracy theories can sometimes linger and distort facts.

  8. Hi, Curiousity only at this point. Not really g.a.s. I have zero experience of them myself other than seeing and hearing them on tv and radio. Internet discussions suggest that finding a "good" Gibson acoustic is a search that may require much time and trial. Is this really the case? Can they really be more varied in manufacture than other high end brands? Also, they appear to be relatively expensive in comparison to other quality brands. Are they worth the price? Currently I have one all mahogany Martin and two Stonebridge (cedar/rosewood) guitars. These were love at first touch/sound. Years have now passed and i have absolutely no regrets. I love them. But maybe I'm just used to them or perhaps easily pleased. Interested in trying out Gibsons. Just a hankering. Not gassing (yet). Opinions, encouragement, discouragement, please? Thank you.

  9. Buttcrust, That video is something so educational in it's own way.. I could learn from that. Truly unique slide guitar. And FFS, someone confiscate the echo device from that man. Thanks for posting. Made me smile. (Although it was a wee bit scary to see some similar charecteristic habits).

  10. Good reply, idunno.


    Lots of good points . I will have to read that more than once to digest.


    Regards the floating hand: my very first lesson, (many years after starting) it was pointed out to me that the "plant" was a bad thing. I responded that I needed a reference point for my fingers. The tutor gave a wry smile that told me he he had heard that lame excuse many times before. He was right.

  11. Primarily a (wannabe) fingerstyle player. Planting the palm of my hand on the bridge. Didn't know any better when i first picked up a guitar. It just stuck. It's useful sometimes for muting but most of the time it makes learning a new tune more difficult. Using random fingers for picking the strings. Practiced thumb on 654 strings and pmi on 321strings (ok 123, 456 may be your perspective) for a while. Discovered it was a real advantage but still fell back in to the bad habit ( moot point though) It'd be interesting to find out what bad habits others may have? I am assuming that Mr Django, mr Johnson etc non-conformant (?) fingerings are the exception rather than the norm here.

  12. Born musician. Natural talent. There are many others ascribing to people intuitions in the most elevated sense of the word. A belief in something that has no known origin, has always been and will always exist describes a doctrine. People love doctrines. They conjure up imagery of all things romantic, fuzzy-warm and usually conventional. Born musicians give us certain imagery of the ordained from doctrine. It just fits so well how can we reject it? On a similar line of analysis, there is no such thing as improvisation. To describe that factually we would first need to describe conventional and/or traditional as a rule. There are no rules to achievement. There are only those same people adhering to doctrines who attempt to express their beliefs as rules. Hence we have weapons systems and lines in the sand dividing their use. I say explore the guitar as an instrument designed around the human body. Make no rules to its use and you will be freer to express yourself through it. Or, you can succumb to the doctrines currently in text.
    Right. That's it. This thread is officially too clever for me.

  13. All these brands coming out of the past like warm memories. Remember Sansui? Everything I had at one point was made by that company.
    Marantz. Even though both tweeters in these speakers had expired, I refused to accept they were horrible sounding. umm, I can see the irony here. This being a players forum.

  14. It is possible that the LP12 wobbled every second rotation because the wobble was on the belt, Sounds correct. After all this time though, I still like the 'mysterious physics' for us lesser mortals. ;)

  15. Repetition is reinforcement. One gets better at repetition. Bad habits can also be reinforced by repetition in my limited experience. Reinforcement of a basic skill is not bad in itself but it is not necessarily always improvement. One of my rare 'Ahah' moments occurred when improvising whilst playing a tune. (F***k**g hell, that sounded better, thought I). If the improvisation was an improvement it enourages confidence in exploration. If it doesn't , then basic skills need more work. No shortcuts though. I suspect there are few, if any, born musicians.

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