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  1. Ultramatic 3 or 4 isn't it, from the Wilkinson bridge.. Post it in the Samick thread
  2. Greg Bennett Avion. I have one and sold my real Gibson LP standard plus after I bought it because it played almost as good and sounded better with the SD Dave Mustaine actives I put in it...I only gave $350 for it new. +1! I put SD59's in mine! Samick Greg Bennett Avion 3 http://www.gregbennettguitars.com/av3.html
  3. dilin

    Trade me nice amp!

    Originally posted by JoshuaLogan if you guys want epiphone LP's, go look for samick LP's, since they made them anyways... +1 love my avion 3 greg bennett samick
  4. My avion is a AV7. It is the only one that has the gold hardware. I just went to a store, played some guitars and bought the guitar that I liked and could afford. I think my samick Avion AV7 blows away the epiphone les pauls. Here are some crappy pictures of my guitar. So, $700 for Samick Avion with EMG active pickups, or $800 for a epihpone custom with crappy pickups. Which guitar would you rather have? I know I would choose the samick with EMGs over the epiphone..... OH and I did no {censored}.... damn nice axe.. i personally think my av3 is on par with the epi stds... is the maple top on the AV7 a full cap, or a 3/32" veneer like mine ... thanks for any headsup, as i plan to buy the av6 after seeing your pics :drool:
  5. Originally posted by dan_plus_o My main ax used to be my samick avion with EMG active pickups but I just bought a new guitar the other day and it blows the samick avion away! Hi, What's the model of your avion? AV3 indonesian or Av6 korean? I have a av3 which i'm thinking of upgrading to the av6... thanks
  6. The looks and feel seems nice, and the silent pickups... For more info on Greg Bennett guitars, don't go to www.samickguitar.com. Come here http://www.samick.co.kr/eng/product/guitar_gregView.asp?types=7&series=30
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