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  1. In my opinion... Beatles Revolver is one of my favorite records. The strings on Eleanor Rigby are some of the best sounding strings I've heard. And as far as digital goes, Revolver was one of the first CDs I bought. I had never heard the background vocals on I'm only sleeping until I got the CD. I certainly didn't think the CD sounded worse than the vinyl. Revolver came out in 1966. Another favorite record is Axis Bold As Love. Although the musical performance is awesome and a few of the studio tricks are cool, I think Axis is incredibly poorly recorded. Axis came out a year after Revolver and as far as I know, they used an 8 track recorder. Why does Revolver sound better? My guess is the engineers weren't stoned and monitoring the mixes at 110 dB. There is nothing wrong with digital. What I've found is that analog tape applies multi-band compression and harmonic distortion, and a lot of engineers who don't really understand what's happening, like that effect. Same with outboard gear. Distortion. And if that's the sound you want and you know how to get it, you can do so with digital. Zip
  2. Wow, three pages already! I didn't expect that. As I read through the replies I'm pretty sure nobody here has actually listened in detail to the two tracks. I tried to... If it's a direct lift of another recording that should be easy enough to prove. If it "sounds like" the original track that's a different standard. I'm just glad I copyrighted the 12 bar blues progression years ago. Zip
  3. I'll admit it, I like to look at Katy Perry (she was awesome in the banned Sesame Street video). The little bit of her music I've heard I can not stand. But apparently she's been sued for stealing a "beat" from a Christian rapper and the jury decided on behalf of the rapper. Lotsa money is about to change hands. I read the article and was curious about the stolen beat. I listened to both tracks and what I hear is "boom boom clap" for both songs. What? If you care here's a link to the CNN page where both music vids are posted. Am I missing something? What is in the rap song that has been stolen for the Perry song? https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/30/entertainment/katy-perry-dark-horse-verdict/index.html And if you don't listen to the tracks I don't blame ya a bit! Zip
  4. https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/30/entertainment/taylor-swift-scooter-braun-songs/index.html I don't like Taylor Swift music but I respect the person/artist. I certainly respect her fans who do like the music. Like so many others, she signed a deal that ended up with her losing ownership of what she created. The devil's bargain. If she hadn't signed the deal maybe she would not have made it big? The Music Business. Zip
  5. As a bass player it took me some time to understand that a drum kit is one instrument, not a bunch of separate instruments. Bonham educated me. Start with a mono overhead. If you have a second mic put it on the kick. If you have a third put it on the snare. And so on. When I record drums these days I put stupid amounts of mics up. I love a ribbon in the center. PZMs on the wall depending on the room. And then I simplify. When I mix all these tracks I start with overheads mixed to mono. I bring in kick and snare for clarity and any possible isolated effects. Depending on the track I might edit the tom tracks to cut out everything except where they hit. I used to do this with tape, including putting the reel on backwards to get a tight in. Hate analog gates! I'll go for mono-ish if it makes sense. For stereo I put the hat on the left. That's just the way I hear it. Mono drums or partly mono mixes of drums can really focus what's going on. I put the direct snare mic in the center but the overheads have a left bias on the hat and snare if panned. I love compression on the overheads so the cymbals sound like freight trains going backwards ;-) Zip
  6. Don't feel bad. It was probably a Behringer knockoff... Zip
  7. My first instrument was a red Sears J-Bass copy. Dad bought it for me at a flea market for $20.00. I was 12. Played that thing every day for hours. A year later I sold my dirt bike and Dad matched the money and we drove up to Mannys and I got a Ric 4001 ($400 new with a hardshell case. You Know that was a long time ago). Still have the Ric but I sold the Sears bass for $25 (hey I made a profit!) I've got a stupid number of instruments now but I wish I still had that first axe. Zip
  8. The electric guitar is a magic wand. Who says it has to go through a mic'd tube amp? George did a lot of tracks going direct and overloading the mixer input. I think Revolution was another example. Those sounds cut through on the radio and you'd be hard pressed to find another guitarist at the time who was using those tones. One of the things I love about the (later) Beatles records were that they were looking for new sounds. I would describe the guitar sound on Savoy Truffle as "searing". Good guitar tone? As Andres Segovia said: "The electric guitar is not a musical instrument". Ergo, anything goes! Zip
  9. Crack The Sky Animal Notes Safety In Numbers Zip
  10. I have three Deans. Two of them have non-V headstocks. The third was a gift and it has the dreaded V. The only guy who could pull of the V headstock IMO was Dimebag. The Cars played em but even for the 80's I think they looked dumb. Now here's a finish to be proud of! [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","title":"l.jpg","data-attachmentid":32289201}[/ATTACH] Zip
  11. Made in Korea. I have a Dean Deceiver made in Korea. It's got a really cool tortoiseshell-like binding. I showed it to a friend who happens to be Korean and he said "Oh that's a traditional Korean furniture design". I doubt too many Dean Deceiver players know much about Korean furniture... If this git is as good as my Dean it's an ace. Zip
  12. That's what you do after you find out the purpose of being a musician is not to get groupies, sleep on somebodies couch, and eat all their food. Zip
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