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  1. Prayer sent for Mark's healing, and his family's comforting. One thing that helped the people I've known who have had Chemo is to listen to some mellow music on headphones while they administer it, and in the hospital afterwards. It makes the sickness a bit easier. If you want to pass that on to him, Nic, that would be cool. I couldn't find anyway to email him.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that. I've lost a few people to cancer over the last two years. I know it's hard to go through seeing loved ones die. I'm sure she knows you love her. Please take care of yourself, too. It's easy to get lost in the caretaker role, and not take care of your own grief. I'm say a prayer for you all.
  3. Sorry to hear about your loss, Seif. We lost our dog a while ago. We don't have children, so she was like our child. I know it's hard. Feel better, buddy.
  4. God Bless you and your family, Jon. I'm really sorry for your loss. I'll say a good prayer for you all, for God's comfort and healing. I know your Dad and Mom are together now, with our Father and Jesu. Best thoughts and prayers, Gil
  5. I'll say a good prayer for them, for Silas' healing and comfort for the whole family. I've sent a donation in already. God bless Silas and Shane, and all their family.
  6. Hey, guys, I heard some people were asking where I went. Sorry, maybe I should have said something. I figured I'd take a break for a while, for 3 reasons. First, I compared my post count (4700 in a year?) to my To Do list, and realized something was out of balance. Time for me to get busy. Second, I got a bunch of work in. Time to make money. Third, I've been thinking about the last year, and feeling like I've been pretty argumentative, and maybe unkind and belligerent sometimes. That's not really the way I want to behave. I have strong opinions, but I would rather express them with out getting aggressive. And this place can be a little freewheeling, so maybe I dove into that. Time to chill out a little. To anyone I've Insulted, I may have a different opinion, but I'm sorry if I was unkind. And to everyone here, thanks for the fun and info, and thanks to those who posted the kind words. I might pop my head in from time to time to say hello. Finally, It seems my avatar is a bust. So I'm retiring it. Best of luck and God Bless to you all.
  7. I use Laquer paint. Sand the case smooth. A few LIGHT coats of primer, wet sand between with wet or dry sandpaper. A few LIGHT coats of color , wet sand between with wet or dry sandpaper. A few LIGHT coats of clear. Let the coats dry in between. You can't paint when it's humid, too cold or too hot.
  8. I like the GatorGrips, myself. I used to use Tortex, but the GatorGrips have a softer sound on the high end, and are just as stiff. I use different weights for different jobs.
  9. The thing is, Iran actually could end up being dangerous, but if so, we're in a bad place to do anything about it, because we're already broke (from Bush's tossing most of our budget surplus to the rich) and over extended by having war in both Afghanistan (which was reasonable) and Iraq (which was bullshit.) And the mismanagement of the budget and the Iraq war quagmire is Bush's fault, which 9/11 in no way justifies.
  10. Likewise, some people are so driven to be serious that they go out of their way to ignore the fact that a sketch of an alleged rapist bears a considerable resemblance to the person reporting the story, for fear their paradigm might come crashing down on them. No ignoring was needed, they just clearly had barely any resemblance to each other.
  11. thrown in feeding the poor Housing the homeless and medical help for all and i'm with ya :thu: Amen.
  12. ...I wasn't offended simply because saying "in a retarded sort of way" is different then posting a picture that makes fun of a kid trying to achieve something, and working through his disability. GRINGO +1. It does make it a lot more about a specific person when a picture is shown. In a lot of ways, it puts the human face to a faceless word. And if people chose now to wake up and think "hey, that's uncool" so be it. That's how noticing an unkind act works most of the time - people wake up to it.
  13. I am not defending myself by mentioning the other jokes people on here make, nor am I saying anything like "well if I can't joke about retarded people, why can so and so joke about people with obesity problems?"... that is not my point. My point is, I guess I am a little perplexed and would like to know who draws the line? What's the difference? You are a very cool guy to post this thread. Good on you. As far as I'm concerned we all could draw the line a bit more by our own choice. Some people here are so driven to "be funny" (and a lot of it isn't) and get attention that all sorts of offensive or just stupid {censored} get tossed up here. I've done it myself, plenty of times. And failed to be funny or interesting, plenty of times, I'm sure. It would be cool if people had a way to keep things interesting beyond the "let's be assholes in a mildly funny way" bit. That said, I like a lot of the OT stuff, when it's actually interesting.
  14. I did a Queen "God save the Queen" style version of "Come all ye faithful" for Christmas. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=635599
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