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  1. Phil, thanks very much. I'll check it out. Most sincerely appreciated.
  2. Hi. I had a Yamaha AW4416 stolen. I have several 4416 HDD's that I would like to access track data on. I recently inherited an AW2816. And I use PT, both on Mac and Win. Is there any way to just swap out the 4416 drive into the 2816, and have it be read, for a one-time transfer to PT, at least? Or...is there any way to read the 4416 drive for .wav data, to port into PT directly? Any suggestions would be appreciated...this is for a memoriam project for a musician friend who passed away...some recordings of him playing back in the day I'd like to share with them.
  3. Just giving this a quick look, and...they both look to me like the composer is using a compound clave, reversed in the second two measures. See if that makes sense in context.
  4. This past week, on The Voice, Paul Mirkovich was playing an instrument that looked like an autoharp, but with frets instead of buttons. It was played by tapping the strings to the frets. It didn't look like a Chapman Stick et al - he played it rather like a keyboard, tapping strings at the head end of the instrument. Never seen one before, and I'm intrigued.
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