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  1. I recently bought the Martin D-18. Great guitar, but I have problems recording it in a dense mix. It has a withdrawn midrange, quite large bass. I've tried different mono / stereo microphone setups and the effects are not satisfactory. Most of the time I need an acoustic guitar to complement the mix. The music is country-rock-pop so it's typical chord playing. In my opinion, the D-18 is cool if you record music with less arrangement of instruments in the mix, so I have a question for you: I would like to buy another acoustic guitar, but only for recording, one that has a very clear midrange and treble, with a withdrawn bass, which will break through in the mix. I would like to find a guitar like this with a preamp for up to £ 400. Can you ask for your opinions and suggestions on which models to pay attention to? Best Regards,Kris
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