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  1. Turns out I did burn out the switch. Got a new one and everything works fine. Thanks for all your help!
  2. It didn't work. So maybe im not crazy? Do you recommend a switch i can order quickly to replace this one? Or any other suggestions? Thank you.
  3. I have a green wire and silver wire from the seymour duncan pickup that go to ground, those all connect to the ground from the bridge and the jack ground connects to those as well. i really appreciate you sticking with me!
  4. Thanks! I am still getting sound in both positions when i solder it that way. I really appreciate your help. Any other suggestions?
  5. Thanks! I'm missing something here. When I do as instructed here i do not get any sound from either position unless I bridge the 2 pairs of unused lugs together. The top two bridged, middle two consists of one from the pickup hot and the other to the jack hot, bottom two lugs bridged - this creates sound, but in both positions. When I remove any of the lugs from the bridged pairs all sound is lost in both positions. I can't get it to turn off I guess. Thanks, again for all your help!
  6. Thanks, again! My switch does not have any metal like that one on the sides to solder to - it is all plastic. And the ground from the jack goes to a lug on the switch or the bridge ground? Thank you so much.
  7. Thanks so much! I understand where the hots should go. When you "ground to the case of the switch", do you mean on a certain lug on the switch? And the ground from the jack soldered to the side of the switch means a lug as well? If so, which lugs for each? Thanks, again.
  8. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this setup? I can only find diagrams with a volume pot. The switch is an on/off switch with 6 lugs and I am not sure where to solder each connection. I just want to have the humbucker with the switch that turns it on and off, no pots. Thank you so much!
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