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  1. Same problem. When trying to do the "factory data load" I get the "card not ready", there seems to be no way around that. You can't reload the factory default file unless you do that first. I tried everything. I don't know if putting a PCM card in one of the slots would fix it, but I don't have one and it's not worth buying one just to find out, but I can't imagine why it would do that ... there is no reason for it. The factory data load just puts things back into default state and erases patches (which is why you need to follow up with a sys ex load). So no card should be needed, and none of the instructions on the myriad of websites with instructions for doing this say it is needed. Sadly this synth is going in the trash. I just keep reminding myself with fruityloops or similar I can get sound fonts with those same sounds, but it's not the same. I guess I could buy one off ebay for $150
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