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  1. The VH - hahahaha; Noticed it isn't official "issue." That's a Behringer Vintage Phase with a classic/modern switch. So, basically its a Behringer EVH Phaser clone! I painted it Orange/Black/White. Sounds as good as any MXR to me!
  2. Doing a little cleaning / reorganizing on a rainy day. Here are all of my delays and swirly type pedals. * Does not include maybe a dozen tremolos ** Does not include a Mooer delay, Chorus , and multi-modulation pedal Comment, discuss, question, ridicule, whatever...
  3. Dammmit!!!!! Now I'm surfing Reverb and Ebay for high end Yamahas!!!!
  4. Awesome. Man - one of my very few guitar regrets is getting rid of a Pacifica 721. HSS config, Spertzel locking tuners, Wilkinson VS100. Best neck I ever played. I dropped a PAF Pro in the bridge. Congrats man!
  5. Interesting vids - definitely will check out the channel
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