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  1. The VH - hahahaha; Noticed it isn't official "issue." That's a Behringer Vintage Phase with a classic/modern switch. So, basically its a Behringer EVH Phaser clone! I painted it Orange/Black/White. Sounds as good as any MXR to me!
  2. Doing a little cleaning / reorganizing on a rainy day. Here are all of my delays and swirly type pedals. * Does not include maybe a dozen tremolos ** Does not include a Mooer delay, Chorus , and multi-modulation pedal Comment, discuss, question, ridicule, whatever...
  3. Dammmit!!!!! Now I'm surfing Reverb and Ebay for high end Yamahas!!!!
  4. Awesome. Man - one of my very few guitar regrets is getting rid of a Pacifica 721. HSS config, Spertzel locking tuners, Wilkinson VS100. Best neck I ever played. I dropped a PAF Pro in the bridge. Congrats man!
  5. Interesting vids - definitely will check out the channel
  6. That would be excellent....X2N Super 3. Loud, but excellent! what do you do on the neck? Rhythm, cleans, solo only??? That will drive the answer also. However - before I really answer, what do YOU mean by compliment? - Similar tone profile? (Norton) - Similar volume, which is different from similar hotness? Vol = anything, Hotness is Super 2 - Something that plays what the Super 3 can't (i.e.; Clean passages, etc...). Anything scooped. Air Classic, Transition But the fast/easy answers: If you want a SuperDistoriton, get the Super 2 for the neck A Norton (Or air Norton) is also a great all around but sportier neck choice. For classic PAF tones, a PAF (any of them) is never a bad choice. I do like a PAF Pro though also
  7. The Boss Power Stack is pretty decent. Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret would be my choice Carl Martin Plexitone Radial Tonebones Plexitube
  8. SO many WTF's What are those back of neck skunk stripes? Gold top Custom? FAIL Better have had a regret without nibs... And EVEN if it was real - $2800 - don't think so.
  9. Man - there are soooooo many choices for whatever more/less floats your boat these days. Green Overdrives are a thing unto themselves. Bad Monkey for a bass control Green Rhine for more control Duncan 805 for active bass/mid/treble The Behringer IS a TS9 Mooer Green Mile TS7 for a "hot button" Ibanez has half a dozen. I'll add the TS9DX for the extra tones. We can go on all day. Those are all close to the TS( without being too different. Are the Boss SD1, Blues Driver, the Soul Food, and the OCD Tube Screamers? Not really, not to me. But could they be in the zone? Sure.
  10. Really depends on your needs. When you say "Metal/Rock" I think high gain. For high gain I like Digital. Hard to beat a Boss DD3. Simple, clean, and works. If you prefer a fatter/darker sound, obviously Analog - I'd go with a classic AD9 or Boss DM2. Like a Little modulation, but not chorus - MXR Carbon Copy. All just solid performers. Still, for Metal - I think a crisp clear digital is going to what you want best unless it is fatten/round out lead delays some. But then there are all the Bells & Whistles factors...Do you need/want Tap Tempo? Dotted 8ths? Recording, you might want trails on/off. Playing live, can't beat programmable! My old board: DD3 for long lead delays, AD9 for a metallic/crunch tone, Boss RV3 for a delay/hall combo epic lead tone, and a Garage Tone for that single VH Slap-echo or on the fly settings. These days I just use Digital from a Zoom Multi. That way I can program delays for each song/lead as I like. In a cover band, that really helps. I have an H&K Tubemeister where I have: A Tech 21 DLA Boost to set for dotted 8ths or whatever A BBE Tw-Timer set for short and not-as-short delays A Visual Sound H2O set for a long delay And just for fun...I also have a Mooer Reecho on a mini board!!! Holy crap - I have 8 delays not counting multi-fx pedals!
  11. I went with the Digitech Jamman Express. A little bigger footprint on the floor, more info lights...a little more friendly than the ditto. But either is fine. Definitely get a small one before you make the jump to a big one. And never a bad thing to have two...or sell the little one as mentioned.
  12. If I said name the ONE Boost every gp should have, you would probably say TS9. If I said Distortion, you would probably say DS1. If I said Delay you might say AD9 or DD3 depending on your digital/analog preferences. If I said Phaser - Phase 45 would be it. What is THE Chorus and THE Flanger. Classic pedals so classic that you just need to have/know one? NOT looking for Uber-Pedals made of unobtainium. Like the ones listed above....under 100 bones all day every day since they have been issued...
  13. So - has anyone ACTUALLY used one to record anything of interest or note? Just asking. Cool idea, but I have never said "Man - if I could JUST pan these strings differently...." Not saying there are not applications. Just may have never heard one!
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