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  1. Hello Everyone, I'm a luthier who writes informational articles about guitars using what I've learned while building. I wrote an article detailing 15 components related to musicality, playability and quality of an acoustic guitar. I aimed this as a guide to explain to someone looking to buy a new guitar what to look for. There's a lot of text, too much for this post. So here is the list below and you can check out more here acoustic guitar buying guide intermediate The list that I go through is Top quality , back and sides quality, tuning ease, bridge pin ease, fretboard buzz, fretboard dead spots, neck shape preference, action preference, measuring stiffness of the top and back, mass consideration, evenness of finish, craftsmanship details, intonation quality, pickup quality. My list is by no means exhaustive and there are many things I missed or could explain in more depth or with more clarity.
  2. My dad has been a luthier in Portland, Oregon for 15 years. I'm his son and recently started doing marketing for him. He is a builder of Acoustic guitars but also does acoustic electric. I'm looking for an artist who will get a lot of use and value out of one of our guitars. From the research I've down it looks like offering a guitar at cost as a sponsorship deal is standard. I'm in the position to do this with two guitars. I'd like to know how to find someone in my area who might be a good fit. I have a few question and I'm hoping everyone here could shed some light on this. How major of an artist should I shoot for? I'm also hoping to make some promotional videos for my business with this person. I'm wondering how I should factor that into the sponsorship deal. --Thank you all for your help! Check out my website at Portland Guitar
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