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  1. This shouldn't be a persistent problem with the Steinberger Spirit. I can't see myself taking the bridge off on anything like a regular basis. If, however, I do have this problem again, I'll consider chamfering and rounding the edges of the holes in both the receiver (pictured in the previous post) and bridge tab by a couple of millimetres in order to facilitate the spring snapping itself into position more easily.
  2. Late to the party here! I have encountered the same problem. The R-Trem *was* OK (though it does still require significantly more effort than a Fender floating bridge or a Floyd Rose). I wanted to examine and lubricate all the components, so I unlocked the trem, took off the strings, loosened the master bridge screw completely and gently removed the R-trem bridge. Nice design. Quite simple, really... After reassembly and tuning up, the trem was so stiff as to be unusable. The effort required to drop more than a semitone was sufficient that I was worried something would break. Excessi
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