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  1. Hey all. First time poster. I have done some digging but have had little luck with current info. My wife and I have started a new acoustic duo project and would like to include stage lighting. I currently have (5) ColorStrip Minis, (2) T-bar stands, (2) speaker stands with a homemade mount that will hold (2) ColorStrips or a multitude of other light combos, Obey 70 and a FCP1010. Admittedly, I have never actually used the tbar stands but I assume the ColorStrips cannot be mounted in the center but rather have to be to one side or the other because of the center pole. I know this is plenty lighting for an acoustic duo but I do like the WOW factor and want to be set apart from others in our area. I do however feel I am lacking variety. Really the only reason I want to add a few additional lights is 1) because it will drive me nuts knowing the ColorStrip Minis are mounted to one side of the tbar and the other side of each tbar is empty (looks unprofessional/unfinished in my opinion!) and 2) I feel I need to add bastard amber. So, I planned one having the tbar stands behind our backdrop, with each stand having one color strip mini (so that's 2 strips so far), one strip on the floor up-lighting our backdrop and logo (that's 3), and one strip on each side of stage, on the floor, as a side wash (that's five). I also considered moving the side was from the floor to tbar stands and putting them in each front corner tight to our mains and washing that way - undecided I guess. Thoughts on this setup? Do you agree I should add some bastard amber? Maybe keep the sidewash strips on the floor and use the amber to light our faces some? Does anyone have a recommendation on a nice bastard amber LED par (I was looking at the Chauvet Slim Par64 RGBA). Any help would be much appreciated thanks!
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