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  1. Recently I bought a unused Aria XX Series Flying Guitar with a Floyd Rose style bridge. When I tried it out in the guitar Store there didn't seem to be any Buzz. When I first got home after a few hours I sat down and plugged the guitar into my Amp and then noticed that the high E String had broken. I figured i would change the string later on until. I immediately noticed a horrible Buzzing sound coming from the first three Frets on the LOW E String. Because i heard the Buzz go through the Marshall Amp AND through Bias FX 2 on my PC, I knew something wasn't right. After a lot of research I tried the following things with no success: Lowering the Strings on the Bridge Retuning the Guitar Later I then attempted to adjust the Truss Rod, I then noticed that the Truss Rod was already at it's "loosest" position and I could not add any more relief to the neck. I could however tighten the truss rod, which meant to me that it wasn't broken. I have absolutely no Idea what o do next and I'd prefer not to visit a guitar tech, because I live in a rural area, far away from the nearest Guitar Store or guitar Technician. Any attempt to help would be greatly appreciated!
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