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  1. Hey all, I just reviewed this ultra cheap Glarry GTL Semi-hollow, which is basically a thinline Tele with a humbucker in the neck. Usually I'm not as high on Glarry stuff as some of the YouTubers and other journalists. I do appreciate how accessible they make the electric guitar with sub-$100 prices, but the guitars I've been sent have just been awful and something that would frustrate a beginner more than help. This new one however is at least passable and is inspiring me to want to mod the hell out of it! With a unique color and a thinline construction I think it would be more fun than just upgrading another Affinity Tele. I'm going to be fixing this thing up to donate it to a local school so let me know what cool mods I should be doing to help make this guitar look and sound inspiring while also helping it take a beating from young students! Check the review here for images/demo: http://guitarsforidiots.com/2020/09/08/glarry-gtl-semi-hollow-electric-guitar-review/
  2. Hi all, I recently wrote up a piece on the best alternatives to the plain old Tube Screamer pedal. My choice ended up being the Behringer TO800 because it is so cheap and is pretty much as close to the original circuit as you can get. But which ones would you pick? I'm trying to accumulate a bunch of people's input so I can pick a few to buy and a do a shoot-out style thing! What should I get?? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/articles/features/top_7_alternatives_to_the_ibanez_tube_screamer_overdrive_pedal-109028 Thanks! -Matt from Ultimate-Guitar.com
  3. I have one of the new Jetstars and it is awesome, this is definitely next on my list for sure! Mine has the same pickups as yours by the looks of it, I haven't seen many demos of these though so def post one if you can!
  4. Did you see the Jazzmaster Trem Premier Guitar put on a Starcaster? Seems like a bit of work but probably not too bad if you have a router!
  5. That's a gorgeous build, it's only missing a Bigsby! But seriously, awesome stuff. I'm hoping to do the same to some cheap guitars soon. I've already started by modding this cheap Strat, give it a look! Ignore the hole in the body, I'm going to try an add a guitar pick holder in there this week.
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