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  1. Hey everyone, I am an arborist and I get access to a lot of wood. Last year I removed a dead mature Scott Pine tree and I cut a slab of wood out of it. I really want to make a Merlin out of it, I don't know the "real" name for it, but Seagull makes them and call it a Merlin; basically a strum stick with a bigger body. I've seen that all mandolins and strum sticks seem to be made out of maple or other hardwoods and it has me wondering if pine would have the strength to stand the string tension. With such a low amount of tension for four strings, do you think pine would be okay? Here in Ontario trees don't grow fast and they grow dense, so I do feel like it would be okay. Would you say it would be okay or would I need to add some kind of additional support to the neck like as truss rod or support rod? Thanks! Joe
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