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  1. In to the unknown cover (practice) please let me know what you think and what I might need to work on
  2. Popular cover Wicked
  3. Thank you so much😄 I decided to post another video of me singing I got the couragePopular cover wicked I worked really hard on this one
  4. Hi everybody my name is jennifer! I love to singand I love getting emotions out though song. I was taught though my local parks department since I was a little kid. I stopped at around age 19 Due to somewhat personal reasons.In short I have a language disorder as well as autism and intellectual disability. I am now 21 years oldi’m trying to practice the techniques I learned as From much as I can remember i’m trying to improve my singing voiceand I would love to hear some feedback singing is like my life. No words can describe the passion Or the joy I get from singin
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