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  1. When to Use Your Amp's Effects Loop by Mitch Gallagher In my opinion, we live in the Golden Age of Guitar Gear. Yes, I know that there are certain lust-worthy vintage guitars, amps, and pedals, but the vast array of great gear available today — much of it amazingly affordable in relative terms — is unrivaled. But all that gear brings a lot of questions. Let’s focus in on just one of those questions today — but it’s one that can make a big difference in your tone: where do you place your pedals; in front of the amp or in the amp’s effects loop? WHAT A couple of definitions f
  2. Five Tips for Great Electric Guitar Recordings at Home by Mitch Gallagher As guitar players, we spend countless hours — and often a lot of cash — ensuring we have the right instrument, the right pedals, the right amp, the best tubes, ideal speakers, even the best picks, all in service of developing our own signature tone. What a shame, then, if that tone doesn’t come across when we record tracks at home! Here are five tips that I’ve found useful for getting great-sounding electric guitar tracks in my home studio. 1. Practice Good Hygiene Recording isn’t like practicing your
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