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  1. Such a deal! do you think he would sell it to me too?
  2. Another observation. The pics of the Cool Cat Prestige on the Rondo website does not do justice to the beauty of this instrument. The top, back and sides are a nicely figured flame maple. The ebony! fret board is dark as the night and sets off the real abalone fret markers beautiful. I'm really a newb but I really like the range of the pick ups too. The neck PU gives sweet clean jazz tones and the bridge PU is a growling snarling beast. Unplugged it sounds comparable to a decent acoustic guitar with plenty of projection while having a really nice rich tone. I cannot find a flaw in this instrum
  3. I got my Cool Cat Prestige sorted out. Contour sanded the wood bridge base, installed a roller bridge (No Bigsby but I figure its easier on the strings and it made a huge improvement in the tone, a sweet mixture of acoustic resonance and great electric tone for Jazz, and Rockabilly as well as ambient experiments using a Zoom G1X Four. Well worth the $450. I know that's more then the price of a new one but it sure got rid of my GAS. I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille.
  4. I was digging through the internets and found this model Cool Cat the Prestige. Looks like mine is an early (before 2003) model. It has the abalone inlays, flame maple top and correct hardware. The difference is the peghead the older open book style. Hello again, another variation of the Cool Cat mine is this model w/ a maple top and abalone inlays but with the old style open book headstock. https://www.rondomusic.com/coolcatprestvintstoptail.html
  5. Thank you gentlemen. I looked at older photos of both Cort and Samick head stocks kind off leaning towards Cort. She shows promise to be a keeper either way. My next challenge will be to sort out the wiring. Either the PU selector is bricked or its some more arcane wiring fault. I think its time to get a multi-meter and a soldering rig. Is trying contact cleaner first a good idea? Pic of my other two guitars a HB BigTone and a Circ. 2013 Gretsch 5422 hollow body. I'm considering a small parlor guitar next, maybe a Gretsch Jim Dandy. I'm not a collector anymore. I have a room full of North
  6. Thank you Mikeo, I have written Kurt here was the bottom line: Kurt; "Thanks Stephan, however we only keep about 15 years of serial records on our computer and that model is well beyond that time frame." This video gives a history from the year 2000CE. So this guitar seems to be a red headed stepchild from Agile's past. With the brand for sale we probably won't see these again. Judging from the headstock it may have been made by Samick? In the grand scheme its a nice well built guitar and I foresee many years of playing pleasure.
  7. Greetings, I just acquired a Agile Cool Cat hollow body. It definitely date to before 2003 when the headstock was changed. It has a sticker under the finish on the back of the headstock with SnXXXXX , another sticker on top of the finish is stamped made in Korea. I've been trying to find out which manufacturer built her. It appears as though it may have been built under the Samick tent. The guitar is rock solid but after 20 or so years the wiring is a little scary. Any clues are appreciated.
  8. Greetings, I am brand new to guitar but played East Indian Stringed instruments for @50yrs. A sitar requires frequent and precise maintenance so I'm not shy about doing my own set ups. I watched the YouTube member "Daves wonderful world of stuff" vids to get the basic steps down. Something he stress's is clean. Looking at your pics I would remove the strings for a short time and really clean the bridge, saddles (the saddles look like they might not operate as smoothly as you would want when you get to the final step of intonation, fretboard and any other place finger oils and dust and schmut
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