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  1. I just bought a Harbinger m200 bt PA. Inexpensive at $350. from GC. Its loud but not wall shaking and in my experience has a clean sound and the mixer and assignable outputs with the choice of a stage monitor/PA mode and a PA mode work for my needs. I'm currently running it with 2 combo amps controlled by the mixer and 2 MFX processors in different channels or both MFX through a single channel. It seems to be a really versatile unit and for a Po boy like me an alternative to the pricey, and great Bose equipment.
  2. I had the idea that acquiring equipment would increase my creativity. It hasn't been a total fail, but I feel I'm not using what I have effectively. I play string instruments primarily guitar but also the sitar, oud and an Eastern Indian violin called a dilruba. For signal processing I have A Peavey Vypyr Vip 1 Boss Katana mk2 50 Zoom G1X-4 MFX Harley Benton DNA git MFX FOR PLAYBACK The 2 combo amplifiers Harbinger m200 bt PA system FOR MIXING OUTPUT Mackie 8 channel passive mixer Harbinger m200 amplifier/mixer (4 channel with Stereo
  3. Thank you Bieke, I did go on line and did as you suggested. I also modified some patches that I wouldn't use, usually ones with lots of distortion. Used the patch then to add simple effects just a phase shifter or single effects. Its made the box much more useful for me.
  4. Can anyone tell me how to make room in the memory cache for new patches or effects. When I go online to download patches I get a "memory full" prompt. I still have banks 50>59 empty. Anyone? some help would be great.
  5. The title begs the question, In the absence of Agile lp style and the escalating prices, I'm deciding between these two guitars. Input please. HELLOOOO..Anybody home? Its kinda quiet, HUH!?! what was that? I'm getting spooked, guess I'll split.
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