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  1. Hello. I have an Orange Tiny Terror amp. It has 3 speaker outputs. 2 x 8ohm and 1 x 16ohm. I have a 2 x 12 cab with two 8ohm speakers wired in series. Could I (in theory) create a 3-way switch that took all three outputs from the amp and providing only one was in use at any one time do something like the following? Switch 1 connects TT 8ohm output 1 to 8ohm Speaker 1 Switch 2 connects TT 8ohm output 2 to 8ohm Speaker 2 Switch 3 connects TT16ohm output to both speakers wired in series Hitting of any one switch would override the others so only one option could be selected at a time. Basically I have a Laney 2 x 12 cab with 1 x HH1265 Speaker and 1 x Vintage 30 in it. I like the idea of playing through either / or / both. Is this even possible or am I opening an can of worms here? Thanks
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