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  1. What an incredible blithering of ignorance! If you have no idea what you are talking about, then do everyone a favor and keep quiet.There's enough misleading info on the internet already. To any who want to know the truth I will now educate you: The above poster suggests the AX60 over the AX743...but, he adds, the AX 60 has some drawbacks....let's see how the AX73 compares to the 60 in those areas: - you cannot detune the oscillators [tho' the mono function which stacks all six oscillators gives a very rich and satisfying sound] THE AX73 CAN STACK AND DETUNE OCCILATAORS. IT CAN STACK ALL 6 OR IT CAN STACK TWO PER VOICE, THIS MEANS MASSIVE DETUNED MONO SYNTH CAPABILITIES AND THICK DETUNED VCO ANALOG CHORDS......The Ax60 can't do any of this. - it lacks portamento [not necessarily a problem but I'm a sucker for porto] - THE AX73 HAS FULL PORTOMENTO. Also: - functions as a marginally decent MIDI controller - no velocity is the big problem. THE AX73 HAS FULL VELOCITY RESPONSE. NOT JUST VELOCITY TO THE VCA, BUT VELOCITY TO THE VCF AS WELL! THAT MEANS FILTER CONTROL VIA VELOCITY!! Can the ax60 do this? NO. - it wasn't popular [which makes you a geek amongst a community of nerds, or a nerd amongst a community of geeks, I haven't quite figured it out] THIS IS THE ONE POINT HE IS CORECT ON. THESE WERE NOT, AND ARE NOT POPULAR. Here's the REAL DEAL the AX60 and AX73 are the same EXCEPT for the following pro/cons AX60: Pros: Sliders and onboard arpeggiator Cons: No velocity, no detune, Oscillators only stackable as 1 or 6 per voice, and due to lack of a detune function, the mono stack is useless. Cannot be used as a credible mono synth. No Portamento. AX73: Pros: Full velocity response keyboard. Velocity can control both the VCA or/and the VCF (Meaning with only velocity you can create a 303 like squelch sequence where the filter changes every time, very powerful feature for a number of applications.) Oscillator detune, which comes in very handy with the next feature..Oscillators stacks: 1 per voice, 2 per voice, all 6 per voice. Now you're cooking with gas. Stack two a voice and detune for VCO analog chords from heaven, stack all 6 and detune for a MONSTEROUS mono synth.Full portamento. Cons: Single data slider programming. (Is this hard? No, you hit a # then tweak the parameter. On both synths filter cut off can be assigned to the pitch wheel so you can do your filter sweeps with hands-on control on either one. You can also leave the data slider live to any parameter you want for "real time" tweaks, changing the paramenter is a click away, child's play, but for some...I guess this is too much work?" No on board arpeggiator (That's Ok, I have lots of Arps I can pump in via MIDI) For the serious synthesist, there is no question the AX73 is the superior board. Don't let the ammeters mislead you.
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