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  1. The spring sqeezed open easily, got I soaking in oil. It can be saved. However I am wondering if I can get new springs for the pickups. I have not dealt with guitars for at least 15 years so my reasearching is not fresh. Also would like to replace the rubber screen bases on the pickups. Any info would be greatly welcomed.
  2. Yes it does look like a paperclip but actually is a machine made spring. Looking for a view of this bridge from another of the same model.
  3. Also wondering, is the spring clip that is placed on the rear saddle bolt that has a ground wire on it a factory clip. It is rusted and I will have to replace it.
  4. Another pic, just removed bridge and discovered the great solder connection lol.
  5. Update. I dropped the pickup screws and ran index card under guard. Off it came in one piece. Bottom pickup is missing screw and spring on right side. Thanks to all for replies. I did not have to mess with bridge cover.
  6. Tks to all. From what I'm told, the two bridge bolts on the front bridge will release the cover? The POT side of the pickguard comes up Greeley. I ran an index card under it and it comes off the body. It is sticking to the body on the left side going closer the the neck, so should use the hair dryer carefully. The POT side lifted up freely and I can see some dirt funk. My concern is I want to check all the solder connections before I plug this in since it has been sitting for some time.
  7. Hello all. I got this doing a house clean out. I would like to know how to remove the pickguard. I removed the outer screws but it still won't come off. Don't want to force it and break the guard. Any suggestions. Tks.
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