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  1. Someone bought a guitar case for me based on pictures I had posted on a forum. and they contacted me I never offered or had thought of selling the case . Before they bought it, right before they bought it, they asked for additional pictures and then within 30 seconds they contacted me again and said it’s ok I think the case is authentic I’ll buy it. Once they received the case they decided that it was not authentic and they wanted to return it. I have had a number of reputable people look at it in the past and they have all said that in their opinion it was authentic. Since it was in “as is” sale and since they decided they did not want additional pictures my opinion is that it’s their case. But I agreed to take it back anyways. Once I agreed to do that I never heard back from the buyer and I finally had to call PayPal and ask them what to do. The representative said that if I had not heard back from them within a week from my last email then I was entitled to keep the money. I never heard back from them I waited a week and then I kept the money. I left my home in the city because of the COVID-19 virus and I have not been back since, and nobody else lives there. Then I get a text saying that they wanted to know the status of the refund since the case had been sent back to me. I explained that I had been gone for a week before the case supposedly had been delivered, and obviously I never received it. So basically the seller never contacted me as to how, or when, or where they were returning the guitar case and they never sent me any type of tracking number. I still have not been back to my home and apparently they sent the case back without signature required. At that point I told the buyer that unfortunately I was not going to give him any money back whatsoever. I thought I had been a good guy when I agreed to take the case back even though it’s only his opinion that it wasn’t authentic, he did not respond in the timeframe that PayPal told me was needed, and obviously there is no record of anybody signing for it. So then he called me a rip off artist, said that I scammed him and that he was going to file a dispute. And I was fine with that and I still am because I don’t see where I did anything wrong. What do you think guys? PayPal has put a hold on my account but since there is no money in my account there is a negative balance. Thanks in advance for anybody’s time and opinion.
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