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  1. Don't laugh you guys but I took up harmonica during the down time. I am not great but I can now add something extra when things come back. In New Jersey, the shore, like other shore areas is where it's at. This summer is not looking good at all. I will keep practicing the harp. Hoping things change and we all get surprised for the better. Good health to you all.
  2. I am primarily a bass player. I am getting back to guitar to hopefully do some solo gigs. The way things are these days, who knows when. I see the value as a practice tool, kind of. I was thinking about making song tracks and storing them then bringing them up live. Not sure about the Trio software though. If I didn't suck on guitar, I might go bare naked solo with nothing else.
  3. Hi everyone. Anyone have experience using the Trio+ live? Maybe during a gig. What are your comments/thoughts/user experience?
  4. Have any of you used/performed with the Digitech "Trio" pedal live? Did it work for you?
  5. I am re-thinking the act. Maybe become a duo and change some material. Too much free time is making me think too much!
  6. Yes, It's tough. I had all gigs cancelled also. I was starting to get something together to play summer gigs at the Jersey Shore but that's "washed out" now. Hope this ends soon! Hope you guys stay OK. Been gigging since the 1970's. Never anything like this.
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