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  1. Thanks for the input Idunno. That's definitely something to consider...once the Covid Quarantine ends.
  2. Yeah, I know. I feel like "best" is more of an attention grabber. Good to know the list is solid.
  3. I'm looking to get back into acoustic guitar and have been checking reviews and reading about guitars in general, trying to wrap my head around what's important and what isn't. I came across this page, which seems like it has a lot of good info about acoustic guitars, but I don't know how much is legit: https://www.middle8reviews.com/cheap-acoustic-guitars-beginners-reviews/ I'm particularly interested in the BEST ACOUSTIC GUITAR FOR BEGINNERS UNDER $300 section. is a guitar at that price point really any good? It's kinda my price range, so I want to believe but I don't want to waste my money on something that I won't be able to play eiether.
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