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  1. wow, checked out the sustainiac demo vid. Very cool!
  2. You can watch all three movements in the video. The idea here is that life is music and when this is performed the effect is the crowd is suddenly very aware of everything around them. Each time this piece is performed it is going to create a very unique experience.
  3. Here is a performance of a piece from a composer that agrees with you
  4. Haha, good on you Mike. This time is great for practice and songwriting, I know a lot of people and friend's who are blowing of the dust to their audio interface's while they have no work going on.
  5. Well I guess it needs a cool metal sounding extension then to avoid litigation, what about "Stimulus Soul" or "Stimulus After Midnight"
  6. Another one I had based on our changing weather was "Sunset Overcast"
  7. I can see that, both as a good name for a band and having to deal with "detailed" individuals.
  8. With the corona virus going on, I thought of the heavy metal band name "stimulus" , it's simple and attractive. What do you think?
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