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  1. Hi and thanks for the repply. Thats right, its hard to follow the timming of complex arpeggiator presets if we dont hear the beat behind the complexity. A drum machine would be a good alternative. I should check the costs in my country. Thanks!
  2. Hi and thanks for the repply. Im using a Microkorg xl+. I guess the headphone monitor could be a good idea because then we would follow our drumer tempo. Maybe I should investigate more about that. Thank you so much for the advise.
  3. Hello, I hope you can help me on this. Sorry my grammar, the spanish is my native languaje. The thing is that Im the vocalist and songwritter of my recently formed band (kinda synth rock style) and we're having some trouble dealing with the arpeggiator beat. Some sound presets of the arpeggiator are quite simple and we can follow the beat with no problem, but we are trying some more interesting and complex sounds and then, if we dont turn the synth to the loudest we lose the beat, but then it sound turns too much invasive. What alternatives do you recommend to solve this situation. We are for
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