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  1. I've read all of the comments posted here & while I appreciate the info., I'm a bit taken back by them. I've been playing for 40+ yrs. & have had some really GOOD guitars...& some really BAD guitars. I'd been looking for an inexpensive "Classical/Nylon string" guitar just for playing around the house with. I didn't want & or needed to spend a lot of money for one as it was just for myself. I went to a "Reputable Music Store" website in their "Used Guitars" for sale & came across the: "Esteban Duende" black Classical/Nylon string guitar for sale for $50.00! It had the "Inlays/Decals" on the front & back, with "Active Electronics" in it, with a hardshell case for it. I bought it! I didn't have ANY "pre-conceived" ideas about it & or "bias-ed pre-judgements" ahead of getting it in hand. I'd heard of this "Brand-name" in the past before, somewhere, but I didn't recall it's origin. I'd learned that buying a guitar is up to the individuals personal preference & likes/dislikes & to "keep an open mind" when choosing a guitar. Certain "Basic principal's" should apply when choosing a guitar to buy. Those that have some yrs. under their belts with playing guitar, know "WHICH" guitars are known to be "BETTER" makes/models & brands than others. Of course, the "BETTER" the manufacturer "NAME/BRAND" is, the MORE the cost of the guitar & usually, the quality & guitar playability/sound also! Upon receiving the "Esteban" guitar, I sat down & started to play it. For me, I was very surprised & delighted to find, that the "action, intonation, neck, fret width, tuning, SOUND & BUILD, were ALL BETTER than I had expected & anticipated! In ALL, I was very pleasantly surprised by this guitar! Now then, is it EQUAL TO: "Martin, Taylor, Gibson, Guild, Goya, Fender, Yamaha" brand guitars? ABSO- LUTELY NOT!...BUT...was...I...happy with my purchase & guitar? VERY! It "Filled" my "NEED(s)/WANT(s)" for a "Nylon string/Classical style" guitar. I'm NOT using & or playing it out every night in a "Professional" setting & or trying to "Impress" anyone with "HOW MUCH I SPENT" on it either! I had checked this guitar over carefully to make sure it was "solid" in it's build, neck reinforcement, structural build & playability & sound quality..for...ME & MY..."NEED(s) & WANT(s)"...& I am VERY pleased with my guitar!...&...THAT... is the important thing! I didn't expect or anticipate it playing/sounding/ looking/ BEING...a $500.00 & up "Type or Brand" of guitar! I paid for a "Used" guitar! I put a set of "Grover" tuner's on it ONLY because I had an extra set at home & I personally prefer them to ALL other tuner's! This guitars "Active Electronics" on it worked just fine for WHAT I NEEDED & WANTED from it!...My "POINT" in ALL of "THIS" is that a guitar is a "personal" thing. IF a person buys a guitar that THEY are HAPPY with...THAT'S...the MOST IMPORTANT "FACTOR" of ALL! IF it does'nt "MEET" your needs & or wants... Do NOT...buy it! You won't be disappoint- ed then!
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