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  1. Hi there! I would like to know how much a stand like this would cost me? I am a middle school chorus and piano teacher, and I have NO budget. Once I know how much this is, I can work to raise the money to purchase it. I just received a Yamaha Digital Piano P-515 from the county, and it would be best to be able to roll it around easily. My classroom is outside and separate from the cafeteria/performance location. We have an upright piano, but it has issues with tuning (Possibly because they don't leave the AC on in here at night or on the weekends.) and B: one of the legs was broken very badly while it was being moved for a concert. So, it lives in the cafeteria and has to stay there. I also have a bad back, so it helps to be able to roll things easily. Thank You, Mandy Papenbrock
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