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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies! I'm just gonna assume it's not a vintage guitar and let my daughter channel her inner rock star by smashing it on the driveway.
  2. I have a Harmony H-5423 guitar that I was given. Then my daughter broke the neck by tightening the strings too much (she was 2). Now I've seen the same model online between $150 to $200 cause they're 1970s vintage. But I've also seen the same model built in the 2000s and basically worth $20. My guitar doesn't have a date on it. It does say on the model sticker "made in China" though so I'm assuming it's the worthless one. I want to be sure though before I throw out a vintage guitar. Anyone able to help me? (I keep trying to insert on image but I keep getting an error. What hosting site am I suppose to use?)
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