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  1. I have owned a Garrison G-50ce for nearly five years. When, I first purchased it, it needed a truss rod adjustment and was a little bright for my taste acoustically but, the Fishman pickup sounded great in the p.a. Initially, the neck was slow reacting to the truss rod adjustment. A little patience paid off. I adjust it twice a year now. My G-50ce has the plastic bracing only on the top. The rest of the guitar has traditional bracing. I believe there were some issues with the whole “plastic skeleton “ thing, and they opted to use the one piece bracing on on the top. I keep a humidifier in it during the dryer, winter months and always keep the humidity level in my home as close to 50% as I can. There are two small areas near the heel where the clearcoat finish as peeled slightly. I have read this is an issue many Garrison owners have faced and the verdict is that the formulation of the clearcoat was not great and leaves the finish susceptible to some peeling. My G-50 is my “go to” acoustic, and, I regularly get compliments on the tone from audience members and other players who also love the sound and action. This guitar has warmed up quite a bit. There was no fret wear when I purchased it and, I was told it had lived in it’s case for years before I purchased it. It sounds fantastic now both acoustically and plugged in. I suspect this model of Garrison will become a collector’s item. This was the model Alex Leifson of “Rush” played on tour and in the studio in 2007. (https://www.rushisaband.com/blog/2007/03/03/827/Garrison-Guitars-adds-Alex-Lifeson-to-their-Players-Roster)
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