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  1. Hello, I am looking for a synth repair person to (hopefully) resurrect a few vintage synths I have in the studio that need varying levels of help. The main unit I’m looking for help with is an Oberheim Matrix 12. It powers up, but fails most auto tune routines. I’m located in Baltimore, but am willing to ship. (I also have a Chroma, Chroma Polaris, and Oberheim OBXa, among others, that need attention, as well.). I had a very large studio with several hundred keys / modules, but, I’ve slowly been selling everything off as the time has come to move. These units, while not working, are pieces I’d like to keep if I can get them back in working order. I’ve done some searching on my own, contacted a few people, but haven’t gotten very lucky finding someone either willing, qualified, or able to take on one or more of these. I am focused on getting these done right and respect the time, knowledge and effort it takes to get these things working properly. I have no time constraints, so this isn’t an urgent thing. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you. J. In Baltimore.
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