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  1. Looking for a decent shape Hiwatt 100 watt head and/or cabinet
  2. My friend Stuart took a big hit of hash and started to cough,so he put his hand over his mouth and nose to keep the smoke in. Next thing you know is he's got smoke coming from his eyeballs! So we researched it and found that your tear ducts are connected to the sinus. Smoke on the eyeballs!
  3. A friend bought a Fender Super Sonic from Sweetwater and has had nothing but trouble with it. It made noise right away so he told them about it and they told him that it was a microphonic tube. The tubes are GTs and the preamp tubes just suck. They sent him Millard tubes to replace the bad tubes. Well, the Mullards were also microphonic. They sent more tubes and they were microphonic as well. He finally gave up on the amp and decided to get the DSL 40. I have a JCM2000 DSL 40 and it's 20yrs old and is still using the original Sovtek tubes it came with. Never had a problem with them and they're still running strong. My brother bought some JJ tubes that were Slovakian made and they were great. But I noticed that they are now made in Russia. Are all JJ tubes now Russian? Looks like tubes are less dependable than they used to be. GT tubes are mostly Chinese now and they seem to be undependable. I was going to retube with Mullards but I wonder about their quality now.
  4. Got the TD-3 in blue yesterday and I ran it through it's paces,and can report that it's a pretty dead on machine. I also got a Crave,but forgot about it for a month and haven't even taken it out of the box yet. I ordered the Korg Wavestate and the Behringer Poly D. The Poly D is coming very soon as is the Wavestate.
  5. I remember the first string I broke. It was a white 62 Stratocaster,the strings were Black diamonds, and I was eight yrs old. I was playing through a Fender Dual Showman, it was 1964. Then I got a Ibanez LP copy that had burrs on the bridge saddles. Broke about 6 high e strings and blamed it on the Ernie Ball super slinkys. Then I broke a D string on my friends Strat,a 77 white model. Then I bought a 1988 Peavey Vandenberg and broke a b string. Since then(1988) I have never broken another string. Don't know why I haven't broke any more, but I quit using Ernie Balls and switched to D'Addario strings. I've used Ernie Balls since then and have not broken another string.
  6. I picked up a used Vox ac100 for 300 bucks, and although it's Chinese,it freaking rips! I have a Marshall JCM2000 DSL 100 and Vintage Modern 100 and is just as good sounding,maybe a bit better at some things. It has a great sag when you pick harder. Anyone have experience with one? I have been looking for the matching cabinet but can't find one anywhere. I have other 4-12 cabs but hope to find the right bottom. I can't find any reviews of the ac100 but was hoping somebody might know some links or have played through one and can share their opinion.
  7. I was heroesforghosts back in the day. So I just added 19 for the year and rejoined. I haven't been here for about 10-11 yrs. It was getting pretty weird until they decided to have a moderator. But I'm ending up with about 10 synths now so decided to rejoin. Every time I switched internet providers I'd get dumped. So I just gave up, and ended up selling about 19 of my synths. I miss my A6!
  8. I know the P-5 used the Curtis chips. I heard that Curtis had died, then someone found a stash of them and they got into the hands of Uli Behringer and his people, so they had the Chinese reverse engineer them and hence,the clone chips.
  9. I had the Odyssey for about a week by it's still in the box. So is the Neutron,and Model D. I have only played the MS-101 so far,and the DM12. I just ordered the Model D 4 voice kb. I have heard someone else's oddy and it's a dead on copy. All the great sounds are there. I thought about getting the pro1 clone, but remember how I hated programming it with those templates it came with. If it just had memory! I'm in the process of moving and can't play here. I was a member since 2000 but they got all screwed up and lost about half their subscribers info.
  10. The DM12 uses 3340 chips, which they say are clones of the Curtis chips. Neutron does too
  11. I pre ordered the Behringer 303 clone,the Crave and the Model D keys. Just got the Oddesey,and have the Deepmind 12, Neutron,and Model D module,and I forgot the ms-101.
  12. I saw ZZ Top the week Tres Hombres was released,at Winterland in S.F. with Climax Blues Band and Steve Miller band. Billy G used 3 Marshall full stacks(with a longhorn steer horn rack on middle amp). His guitars were Pearly and a Bo Diddley square guitar.
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