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  1. Nice looking guitar. I'm sure it sounds good too. Martins Sitka and Mahogany guitars are my favorite. Nothing against their Rosewood ones either. Enjoy!! I had a Martin with the Rich lite fret board for a while and I didn't mind it at all. It felt really smooth to me. I read an article about it on line and it is supposedly more durable than wood and takes very little care. I really don't think it affects the sound of the guitar at all. I'm sure if you had the exact same 2 guitars, one with Rich lite and one with Ebony and you were blind folded you wouldn't be able to hear a difference.
  2. I hear you GlennF. I hope you like your Martin D16GT. Let us know what you think about it. I also played a Martin 000-16 Granadillo the day I bought my D-18 that was pretty impressive. I think the price on it was 1700.
  3. I hear you. If money was no object I would own a few more guitars myself. So until I win the lottery I guess I'm just stuck with my Martin and the other 2 that I own. I guess this is where all you guys can start playing your tiny violins and say how bad you feel for me.
  4. I get what your saying about buying 4 guitars instead of one. To be honest I have been down that road and all the guitars that I have bought at that price or even less, have all been sold. The only guitar that I paid around a 1000 for, that I still own is a Yamaha LL16R. It is really a great sounding guitar IMO. I am retired now at 67 years old. I basically had owned only 1 guitar for about 30 years. It was an Aria Japanese made guitar that was a copy of a Martin D-35 that I bought in 1973 when I was overseas in Okinawa in the Army. I would play other guitars after I had bought the Aria, and to tell you the truth very few measured up to that guitar. But in the last few years probably because of the internet I have ordered and sold a few guitars. When I picked up the Martin D-18 Deluxe and started playing it, I got the same feeling I had the day that I played the Aria,that I bought overseas. I will tell you this for sure I will never sell the Martin D-18. I guess its all in what you want. If you would rather have 4 or more guitars for more variety then that's the way you should go. Myself I would rather just have that one guitar that just really gets to me every time I pick it up. But that's just me. Thanks again everyone for your posts.
  5. I think I'll pass on that thread. I don't even want to get started on that one.
  6. Thanks for the posts. I know what you mean about to rich for you. This is the most money I have ever spent on a guitar. But I just couldn't get this one out of my head. I will probably buy a few more guitars before they put me in the ground. But I'm pretty sure I will never spend the amount I spent on this one ever again. I would probably recommend that if you can't afford the price of this guitar then you probably should not even play it.
  7. I just happened to stop by my local shop a few days ago and the owner had stopped carrying Taylor guitars. He was stocked full with Martins instead. I started looking around and picked up a few and then I picked up the Martin D-18 M. Deluxe. To say that I was really impressed is probably an understatement. I looked at the price on it and yes it is an expensive guitar. But I have to say I think it is worth every penny. And I think a lot of the Taylor and Martins out there right now are really overpriced. Anyway the D-18 Deluxe is now sitting in my home and I have been playing it a lot. Just thought I'd share my thoughts on the Martin D-18 Deluxe.
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