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  1. I like the Tremsetter solution but the caveat is I would lose the whammy bar function.
  2. Thank you all for the suggestions. My guitar is being serviced at the GC. In the interim, I found this pedal and I asked GC staff and they confirmed the pedal can down tune the guitar to D Standard. https://www.digitech.com/whammy-pitch/The+Drop.html The Drop Polyphonic Drop Tune Pedal
  3. wow!! Everyday I play a different song, [E] [D] Standard and I don't feel comfortable and confident doing such complex surgery inside the belly of the guitar. I did however watch others doing on YouTube. It looked straight forward but I'm not taking any risks. Thank you for your suggestion.
  4. Is the transcribe software or a hardware? Can you recommend one? I would rather use your method than what badpenguin suggested below. What a disappointment the floyed Rose Bridge is!! Thank you....
  5. Hi all, So finally I settled with Floyed Bridge Jackson guitar and I love it. However, tuning Floyed Bridge is a total PAIN!! Now, I'm trying to learn a song with D Standard but I noticed the High E is now touching the pickup!!! I watched many YouTube videos and they suggested that I tune the guitar in this order with fine tuners in the middle Low E (little sharp), High E, B, A, G, D I did not want to do anything before I know what has happened, How to remedy? Thank you.
  6. It was coming from where the strings are coming out through the ferrules. The buzz only happened on the E string. Other strings did not have a buzz issue at all (plugged/unplugged), that's why I suggested replacing the strings or at least the E string. The technician said that he has seen this issue a lot with guitars whose strings go thru the body of the guitar.
  7. I took the guitar back on Saturday and explained to the service technician that I thought I heard the fret buzz through the amp, but I couldn't tell for sure. We looked at the guitar together and we both agreed that buzz was not coming from frets but rather from where the strings protrude the guitar body. I asked whether replacing with good quality strings would resolve the issue, he said we can try that. I decided it was not worth the time spent to troubleshoot a brand new guitar. I decided not to take any risks and exchanged it for Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro which will arrive on Wednesday. I played the guitar in the store and I liked how smooth sliding is across the neck and pressing on strings seemed less painful. There was no fret buzz when I strummed the strings unplugged. Let's hope the brand new guitar will be like this one. Thank you all for the help. I will updated you on Thursday about the new guitar.
  8. So I got the guitar back from GS yesterday. The fret buzz is now gone if plugged into the amp but still there if unplugged. The service technician (very nice guy) adjusted the relief/action and said most guitars are like this, if it bothers you or distract you, we will get it replaced with another one. So I spent time in the store checking other guitars, two guitars I picked randomly had the fret buzz when unplugged but two other guitars had no fret buzz when played unplugged. I took my guitar home, played with it and I could not hear the fret buzz through the amp at all but I could hear it when unplugged. It wasn't distracting me while playing through the amp because I wasn't hearing it. What should I do guys? Would this guitar give me headache down the road? Is Schecter a reliable brand? Thank you. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Schecter-Guitar-Research/C-1-Platinum-Electric-Guitar-Satin-Transparent-Midnight-Blue-1500000239535.gc P.S. Schecter support doesn't seem to be helpful. I emailed for a different reason and instead of helping me by providing what I asked for in the email, he referred back to the product web page which it did not have what I was looking for and that was the reason I contacted Schecter. This made me worry about Schecter ability to support their products in case I need it!!
  9. Thanks for the detailed troubleshooting steps and the link. I took the guitar to the repair shop yesterday, the repair technician wasn't there but the sales person examined it and said it is most likely a rod issue. Only the E string was buzzing closer to the the first pick. I told them If the guitar is defective or needs major modification then don't do it. I would rather exchange it now than get stuck with it. I will pick it up today and see how it goes. I will definitely let you all know the outcome.
  10. Thanks guys. I will take it to the store today after work. I forgot to mention, when I first took out of the box and played it, there was no fret buzz. After I tuned the guitar, the buzz appeared.
  11. Hi all; So I bought my first brand new electric guitar sealed in the box from Schecter and to my disappointment it has a fret buzz. What should I do, exchange it or get it setup properly? I'm worried that even after it setup by the professionals the buzz would come back! I'm also worried that they might have to do major modifications to the guitar to get rid of the buzz. I just don't want to get stuck with it after the 45 days exchange policy or gives me headache down the road. What should I do guys? Please give me an advise like this was your guitar. Thank you.
  12. Here are my findings so far: Please give your input if needed. Thank you for all your suggestions. Thank you.
  13. What do you guys say about Schecter guitars?
  14. Hi all; Please recommend me the top electric guitars with flat radius and thin neck for beginners. I'm a type of person when trying something new and hard to learn, I would give up easily 🤦‍♂️. I have short fingers and I would like a guitar that's fun and sounds good to play. I'm new to guitars, and I would like to do it as a hobby. If you think there is a better alternatives for beginners, please state so. Thank you 🙏
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