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  1. Ok. Update. I bought this bridge: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B018U14OTS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The height of the low-E saddle was just over 1", whereas the height of the original Bobkat bridge was a bit less than 3/4". Shaving the bottom of this base would have left me with almost no wood left, so - on to plan "B". I cut a piece of 1/8" aluminum flat to the right size, and drilled and tapped holes for the pins from this bridge. (4mm metric.) Action still too high at lowest setting. So, plan "C" ... After wearing an arm out fil
  2. Check this: http://www.vintagehofner.co.uk/gallery/archtops6/arch17.html Is that not the almost identical bridge? And wow! I thought that looked familiar! That Hofner was my 1st guitar about 1973. Sad to say it - but - it may be vintage now, but it was a horrible guitar then. Warped - but non-adjustable neck. Crowded controls & switches. Fretboard about 1 1/2" above the body. Awful. (Ya, I know, John Lennon apparently had one.) I tore out the frets, sanded the neck straight, and re-fretted it. (My first - and last attempt!) I repositioned the controls, put a 3-position
  3. That is an interesting option 6down1togo. Where is it from?
  4. Hi. Ya, I guess I could. But the string span difference is just a bit more than 3mm. So that's maybe 0.5 mm difference for each (most) saddle(s). I'm fearless with tools, but this seems a bit too finicky for my skills/tools. Maybe though ... I contacted Stewmac for guidance. Maybe they have options I can't see on their site.
  5. I did look at Stewmac before, but didn't see anything tagged as un-slotted. I'll look again and probably reach out to them for a recommendation. Will post what I learn. P.S. I guess if I say I keep things stock then I had better not admit that in 1974 I replaced the original Kluson tuners on my '61 Strat with Schallers. Flame me - I deserve it!
  6. Yes - that was my plan. My only concern is the string spread. I need 1 7/8" to match the original bridge. (And I haven't found as suggested above a bridge where I file the notches where I want them. I'm not sure there is a TOM where you can do that.)
  7. Ok, ya. At one point I had a '79 Ford Fairmont with a V8, and a Volvo 2-series wagon. Shoulda put the V8 in the Volvo! (It's been done to hilarious effect at stop-lights when you out-gun a hot car.) Anyway, back to the Bobkat. I *do* like to keep things stock, so drilling hold in the body was not something I really wanted to do. Then I remembered seeing somewhere TOM bridges for arch-tops. They have a rosewood, or ebony, or whatever base. So no holes. I'm checking those out. Specs for most of the 5 or so on Amazon don't include the string spacing (low E to high E) (1 7/8) on my guitar), s
  8. Hmmmmm … Ya. Might decrease the value - but only if I sell it. Well, since I never sell anything, I think I have my answer. :-) Thanks! Oh, I guess this one is a '16' - it has the wooden bridge.
  9. Hi all. I have a Bobkat - the two-pickup model, and I really like it. The DeArmonds sound GREAT! A while ago I saw a forum post with pictures (https://fixingandbuilding.wordpress.com/tag/harmony-bobkat-tune-o-matic/) where a tune-o-matic was installed on a Bobkat, and I was thinking it might improve the little axe to do that. But - I'm worried that messing with it will decrease it's value. Any opinions? Thanks!
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