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  1. Check this: http://www.vintagehofner.co.uk/gallery/archtops6/arch17.html Is that not the almost identical bridge? And wow! I thought that looked familiar! That Hofner was my 1st guitar about 1973. Sad to say it - but - it may be vintage now, but it was a horrible guitar then. Warped - but non-adjustable neck. Crowded controls & switches. Fretboard about 1 1/2" above the body. Awful. (Ya, I know, John Lennon apparently had one.) I tore out the frets, sanded the neck straight, and re-fretted it. (My first - and last attempt!) I repositioned the controls, put a 3-position switch up where it is on a Les Paul, and painted it gold. And it still sucked. Lucky I found that '61 Strat for $200 about then … Anyway - this looks like a really good option to try out. And wow - it's cheap! Thanks!
  2. That is an interesting option 6down1togo. Where is it from?
  3. Hi. Ya, I guess I could. But the string span difference is just a bit more than 3mm. So that's maybe 0.5 mm difference for each (most) saddle(s). I'm fearless with tools, but this seems a bit too finicky for my skills/tools. Maybe though ... I contacted Stewmac for guidance. Maybe they have options I can't see on their site.
  4. I did look at Stewmac before, but didn't see anything tagged as un-slotted. I'll look again and probably reach out to them for a recommendation. Will post what I learn. P.S. I guess if I say I keep things stock then I had better not admit that in 1974 I replaced the original Kluson tuners on my '61 Strat with Schallers. Flame me - I deserve it!
  5. Yes - that was my plan. My only concern is the string spread. I need 1 7/8" to match the original bridge. (And I haven't found as suggested above a bridge where I file the notches where I want them. I'm not sure there is a TOM where you can do that.)
  6. Ok, ya. At one point I had a '79 Ford Fairmont with a V8, and a Volvo 2-series wagon. Shoulda put the V8 in the Volvo! (It's been done to hilarious effect at stop-lights when you out-gun a hot car.) Anyway, back to the Bobkat. I *do* like to keep things stock, so drilling hold in the body was not something I really wanted to do. Then I remembered seeing somewhere TOM bridges for arch-tops. They have a rosewood, or ebony, or whatever base. So no holes. I'm checking those out. Specs for most of the 5 or so on Amazon don't include the string spacing (low E to high E) (1 7/8) on my guitar), so I'll see how close I can get and report back.
  7. Hmmmmm … Ya. Might decrease the value - but only if I sell it. Well, since I never sell anything, I think I have my answer. :-) Thanks! Oh, I guess this one is a '16' - it has the wooden bridge.
  8. Hi all. I have a Bobkat - the two-pickup model, and I really like it. The DeArmonds sound GREAT! A while ago I saw a forum post with pictures (https://fixingandbuilding.wordpress.com/tag/harmony-bobkat-tune-o-matic/) where a tune-o-matic was installed on a Bobkat, and I was thinking it might improve the little axe to do that. But - I'm worried that messing with it will decrease it's value. Any opinions? Thanks!
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