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  1. Good day, Just found you. I would like to purchase this from you, if it has not already been purchased or whatnot. I have EMU equipment as well, Also, the Proteus X2, Proteus VX, and Emulator X3. I have some Libraries. I used to have Techno Synth Construction Yard, and then the day came that My Drive just broke, no OS, and I could not recover the Software. I tried to build a New Old Machine, IBM Thinkpad t530i, put Windows XP 32 Bit, and installed pretty much all of the Drivers I can find that will work with this New Old Offline Computer. I cannot Authorize my Emulator X3 anymore, no service, or servers active. Same goes with a couple of my Libraries, I cannot find the Original CD for Techno Synth Construction Yard, Planet Earth, and Beat Garden, I have ISO archives of those; however, not good enough to allow Authorization to pass, I get Failed every time. So, now this leads me into this, not a high priority; however, I found your listing, and wonder, if you still have these to sell. Please advise I thank you and hope you, your families, and friends have a great week. -Alex 772 8072295 (I have a cool Voice Mail Greeting !!!)
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