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  1. That's a thought, but replacing the OT of an otherwise 100% original ('cept some tubes and a few caps) 55 year old amp, just to audition a pair of speakers seems insane, sacrilege, or both. I could get a different amp, too. 🙊 To be clear, I'm quite fond of this one and restoring it has been a labor of love. I'm the lucky and proud owner of one of the sweetest sounding and absolutely THE most beautiful amp in the world. It's in the eye of the beholder, I know. But just picture the back-line props of every episode of the Monkeys in living color. (unblemished tolex, showroom shiny chrome trolley and knobs, trapezoid head, all orig from mid 60s w/ foot-switch and vinyl covers...) It would be sacrilege to replace the tranny instead of getting the right speakers! I've lived many years enjoying my alnico 12s with it and can continue for many more. The questions are: How can I experience a pair of 10s I happen to have, that happen to be nearly identical to ones that seem highly prized? Is it worth any effort to do so? (WITHOUT changes to the actual amp) Thanks
  2. I've posted a variety of related questions here and on other sites, so this may seem vaguely familiar, but I've arrived at the following: Background - I've had a '65 U.S. Vox Berkeley V8 tube amp for decades. I got it with a Buckingham cabinet which I like and still use (2x oxford alnico 12s.) As part of a restoration project, I finally got a beautiful Berkeley cabinet and trolley, but it came from a solid state version which used different speakers. The "new" cabinet has a pair of 8 ohm Celestion 7424s, instead of the 16ohm 7442s the V8 would have come with. I will keep looking for Vox/Celestion 7442s, but it will probably be a long & difficult search, since the 7442's have achieved mythic status. Question 1 - Since my 7424s are from same era as the holy grail 7442s and have N1B4 cone stamps, are they identical except for the impedance? (Would they sound equally grailish?) Question 2 - I have a half dozen 70V multi-tap transformers lying around that were pulled from very hi-fi N.E.A.R. outdoor speakers. The primary wires are: Com, 128w, 64w, 32w, 8w, 4w. Secondary: Com, 8ohm, 4ohm. My minimal web research (a dangerous thing) makes me think the secondary of these is simply an autoformer. Can I use the secondary (only) as an impedance matcher? In other words, if I were to completely ignore the primary taps, could I safely try out my 4ohm cab with my 8ohm amp by running the amp into the 8ohm tap of the secondary, with speakers fed by the 4 ohm tap? Thanks very much. Please forgive if I post the same question elsewhere. Randy
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