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  1. Phil, Thank you - your review is very helpful. And this discussion thread is also helpful so thanks for folks here sharing their process and experience with this gear. I am still confused about the fx send and receive setup. With prior (cassette) portastudio style recording work (In my case on an Akai 4track cassette console/recorder similar to old Portastudio) i would use fx send and receive to my offboard rack multi-efx gear and bring the "wet" back in on fx receive on one or more tracks as part of mastering/mix down to stereo to finish. I assume pretty common approach esp. with rack reverbs, etc. I know this unit has onboard efx, but i will need fx not included on this unit with a lot more fx parametric control as i assume most want also. I plan to mainly use this as a player/songwriter solo as a composition tool, or with a musician or two to build up songs via tracks as i used to do with the old 4 track portastudios. And i do not want to use a computer at all. To focus on listening and hands own tracking w/knobs and switches! So i'm also comparing this to for example Tascam's Portastudio https://tascam.com/us/product/dp-24sd/top . You caution about this use, re: only having features for direct instrument connection and inserts on channels 1 and 2. And the need when recording solo (tracking) therefore to bounce manually to other tracks. Unless i'm missing something, couldn't one just use a direct box interface(s) for say guitar or bass and then use tracks 3-n for additional tracks to build up the song? These features seems to be the main difference between input ch 1/2 and the remainder. And could you also please address this aspect of this otherwise useful, versatile product? I see the fx out (mono) can go to offboard (instead of onboard fx) and i see the sub out and aux out, but don't see any fx (or sub or aux) return. Expected to see stereo fx send and fx receive connectors. Is the expected approach by user to select and send fx out on fx out, or aux mon 1 and 2 stereo and bring it back in on say for stereo two add'l unused channels/tracks and mix "wet" and "dry" with faders on those (return) channels? And when using multiple multi-fx units for different instruments (vocal, guitar) to then use add'l tracks for each of those "wet" returns also? Seems cumbersome so perhaps i am missing something simple here? I'm not familiar with use of inserts, i understand the send/ return in the same TRS cable, but i see no way to mix the wet/dry for that fx loop on the board. Thank you in advance for any clarity you can shed on this off board fx send/return aspect.
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