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  1. I'm still struggling a bit with nasal congestion issues and I will give an update when I'm feeling better. Today's practise session felt like a step backwards it felt like I forgot everything I've learned so far. Ok so I've been trying this vowel exercise Davie recommended. https://voca.ro/mnwtPZGCpyX Pure vowels https://voca.ro/8yee0BjQakc Onsets/ Addressing breathiness https://voca.ro/hW7FXh7Jk8e Simple major triads https://voca.ro/9aF60ZmWpH0
  2. Thanks a lot KT and davie for the input. This is actually exactly what I need to do. 1. How do i make sure I'm not releasing too much air when phonating? My only idea for this is a strong glottal onset like when you reprimand a child "ah ah ahhaaa little johnny" 2. I think I may have an idea of pharyngeal resonance but I'm not sure about pharyngeal vowels maybe post a demonstration. I feel like vocal Cord closure and breath support for me right now is in service of getting clear, bright sound. I've also found some slight success with keeping an "inside smile" to keep the throat open/soft palate high. Thanks again for the useful advice guys I appreciate it.
  3. Today was quite a longer session we got through a lot of work. Dipthongs /vowel transitions. https://voca.ro/yv7PvQF7QuI Pushing range up to G4 https://voca.ro/cZV29SwStEC Amazing grace https://voca.ro/2xVCybq0pLj https://voca.ro/ih99ZZ5ynBT https://voca.ro/lBdE9nTYrq0 Just playing around with a darker sound. https://voca.ro/ea6WWLwcSrF https://voca.ro/2lP9v0qxz6p One thing I noticed in terms of how my fundamentals break down with fatigue. First the appogio structure will break down from below. Next I will tire of keeping my soft palate high. Then I will lose of where the sounds are supposed to resonate. I can feel when it's happening but I kbow know that with enough practise the stamina will improve. In general i can tell I'm slowly but surely improving. The issue is sometimes I can tell what's wrong with a recording and do better next time and sometimes I cannot. Besides general advice about how best to improve my tone, I'm wondering from the above clips whether or not is there is any hope for me developing vibrato any time soon? I might be energetically jumping the gun here but I'm just wondering. Thanks.
  4. Hi Swedishguy...i would hazard to say you sound like a Tenor to me. You have depth and fullness All the way into the 5th Octave and beyond. It's a colour and co ordination at those high notes that I think is the reason why some baritones are jealous of tenors. I hope that helps. You sound very good for someone who has quit singing. What, If I may ask is your history of study and training? Have you had bad experiences with vocal coaches? Are you seeing one now? Has this forum been of any help to you? Yes not opening your mouth super wide is a great way to avoid laryngeal strain. Another way to do that is to keep the tongue seated naturally in the mouth touching the back of the bottom front teeth. I actually enjoyed your vibrato the most besides the depth and fullness to your tone. I really should be the one asking you for advice.
  5. Tried to add a edgy pop sound to my sound today... Some of it came out muffled and nasal... I need to work on adding that brightness without sounding honky. https://voca.ro/l7lcuGfFoWx I then listened to it and tried to correct it a little bit. https://voca.ro/2L83AC6mAd0 I've definitely had better days than this that's for sure. I must say I think I'm gonna sound worse before I sound better because I'm trying to add a new co coordination and that's how it is when you're learning a skill when you add a new subskill you get worse before you get better.
  6. Howdy LDHTH. Ok some humble advice. Pitch. A lot of it was flat. Memorise the notes of the vocal melody so you can understand how it moves around in terms of pitch. I don't know how good your ear is but practise matching pitch to a wide variety of instrumentation. You can download free apps for this. Tone. You had moments where you were able to place the sound in your nose to give it the sparkle it needs but there were many moments where your voice was kinda stuck in your mouth. This may be caused by a lack of cord closure or breath support. You're also closing your throat a little bit at times and singing nasally at others. Just open your throat (feel cold air when you inhale) and that should fix both issues. Good luck LDHTH.
  7. Howdy. I'm not sure wether your dislike of your own voice is coming from a place of genuine identification of fundamental issues or simply because it sounds different to how you hear yourself which is a very common issue. You're not bad at all. Your voice is very resonant. Far more than mine was when I started and still quite a bit more so than it is now. I mean I've only been training for 4.5 Months and I can't even point to any glaring disaster areas in your singing. Follow my thread from the beginning and you'll realise you have nothing to be ashamed of vocally. Don't quit. Dont quit your passion, please. Find someone better than you to give you targeted, specific advice on how to improve and you will stay motivated to take your voice to the next level. Do vocal exercise that target a specific weakness. Don't just spend an hour making noise and wondering why you're not getting better. If you don't understand what the point of a vocal exercise is, then don't do it. Perhaps we can trade tips going forward, perhaps that's not in the cards but good luck to you.
  8. Thanks for the kind encouragement Kickingtone it's difficult to track one's own voice. I'm not sure but I think I'm slowwwly starting to figure out how to move the sound back without sounding muffled or awkward or honky but it's a work in progress. I felt a touch sick today and I almost didn't practise but I'm so unbelievably glad I did because today's session was a lot of fun. Not to mention you can't even tell I'm sick on the recording which is a sign of good technique yes? I warmed up with arpeggios and scales and then got right to business. Amazing grace https://voca.ro/aNGJzigCGwI Now here's the really fun part! Very Basic riffs/runs and extensions https://voca.ro/ke2bBtEgcJV Messing around with a capella https://voca.ro/6hpIfLE5gbB I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I had fun making it and as always any advice on tone, rhythm, musicality et cetera would be starkly appreciated. Peace.
  9. I did not feel well today and it showed in my voice I think But I practised anyway. Today was about soft palate control and trying to get The vowels a little further back as per Kickingtone's suggestion. Assuming a rounded smile https://voca.ro/1EUl22C6lpb Trying to add brightness right at G3 https://voca.ro/uUOKJ4Ars6R I know it's not much but I will do more when I'm feeling better.
  10. Thanks for the encouraging words Kickingtone. It's been a real edification for my motivation and my continued training. I'm not sure precisely how to move the sound back. I tried opening my mouth more. I felt that killed my resonance. I tried messing with the root of my tongue. That felt awkward and forced like A knodel or a bad impression of a classical singer. So finally i settled on assuming the posture of a cheek smile/ pleasant surprise. Here's what that sounded like. https://voca.ro/bA4JOsmPoMi Let's try making a bratty sound shall we? https://voca.ro/iN270aw4BPw https://voca.ro/7MuMwJPgHfT Now when I sing this sing I'm not trying to "sound good" .. Im trying to isolate the sound into the upper half of my head to practise keeping it there. https://voca.ro/49S9PEWQnYz Please excuse the nasal honkiness It was some collateral damage from my experimentation. I also listened and realised there were some issues with laryngeal strain as well just some things to always keep in mind as I get better
  11. You sound decent i hope i sound that good after a year. You sound somewhere between bari/tenor to me. I think you sound very comfortable in that key so good song choice. The guitar is a tad high in the mix that's the thing I would change first. Have you been taking voice lessons? I would be interested to know if that voice was a result of very conscious training and effort or was a little less so. Thanks fwc.
  12. Todaý i played around with a different co ordination 1. Experimented with riskier laryngeal positions. 2. Abandoned placement attempts and just focused on a clear, easy sound. Somehow it still felt sort of 'floating' on my nose or "coming out of my face". 3. I'm still quite frustrated by my voice falling back into the mouth when I sing songs. Here's what I sound like. Higher larynx abandoning placement attempt. https://voca.ro/oPfNN5IfVLO Some vowels/anchoring high notes https://voca.ro/9mBNbfMPQfg Song https://voca.ro/i2mbWj0ThBh https://voca.ro/auywsin2vjD
  13. I'm still working on this idea of letting the larynx move a little more and co ordinating a stronger anchor and resonance for high notes. I didnt sing a song today just did technical work. Playing with the larynx https://voca.ro/6suTyrIGx2y Practising higher notes https://voca.ro/iN1S9vDBGjK
  14. Thanks as always Kickingtone for the stellar direction. I just got done with a session implementing the ideas concerning Larynx movement. What i did was I used the root of my tongue as a puppet master for the larynx. However I tried to make sure they co operate like horse and buggy I don't want to go back to to tension-and-strain-ville. So here I am trying to (very subtly) adjust my laryngeal position as we go up in pitch and down. https://voca.ro/3Mxx7IgcO2B https://voca.ro/b88yDsIGhIG And we attempt AG with the same ideas in mind. https://voca.ro/3BsHGglD6IR Funnily enough I spent an hour listening to a podcast about singer's forming and it's tuning before you posted about it. That 2.5khz number was brought up and it's something I really need to add to my voice. The zigzag curve of skill acquisition is something that throws people off. I need to make sure I'm very patient when it seems like I'm going nowhere or I was not able to do something I was able to do last week. Thanks Kickingtone. 'Till next time
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