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  1. Please criticize my efforts. Thanks a bunch. I had fun, it felt good Too. https://voca.ro/6xpdgf5RpNG https://voca.ro/fnUIdtzjglA https://voca.ro/9eV7V6Kc4xf https://voca.ro/jMhNMP2elNW
  2. Man your pharyngeal voice on low notes and chest voice on higher notes are such a goal of mine. Really neat.
  3. Ey kickingtone it's really good to hear you're still singing. I'm sorry To hear about situation over there! My home country of South Africa has been under lockdown. I had to close operations on my very very young engineering business but I'll be back. However I've got so much time on my hands now to practise singing so I'm gonna make the most of it. Let's keep making noise for all our neighbours! Stay safe Kickingtone and Davie. I wish all of you the best of luck And interminable good health!
  4. Try opening your mouth more and connecting your lines more. Hold out the notes a little longer.
  5. Today I experimented with chest/Call voice. All this airy thinned out stuff I've been doing lately is causing me to strain and hurt my Throat. It's time for a change. Please critique my voice. Chest voice/ Oral resonance https://voca.ro/bi59mkQDLTp You raise me up https://voca.ro/gDBhn5oPeCs Started learning Nothing else matters, my first foray into Rock music. Nothing else matters https://voca.ro/PI1FwNpkWbQ Overall my voice felt MUCH better today than my last post which was a complete strainfest. I felt like my support was a little better as well although that will always be a work in progress. Please tell me what you hear and think.
  6. Howdy. I'm now determined to work on my cord closure and my chest/ call voice so I can stop singing breathy and gain a touch more meat to my higher notes around C4-E4. When I sing those notes with a breathy tone my throat get sore afterwards. Anyway here's what my practise session sounds like. I realise I'm straining a little bit. I noticed when I try to keep my larynx down the sound gets too dark for my taste. A also blew out my phone's mic again and I wasn't even trying hard to be loud. Exercises https://voca.ro/eppg4sPs2fT https://voca.ro/6uO37haoxlu Song practice https://voca.ro/lBwHd6zz0Nk Thanks a lot in advance for your input.
  7. Please let me know If I'm getting good vocal cord closure. I'm sorry for the noise In the recording i don't know if that's coz I'm so loud or something else. I need to work on my cord closure. Just for reference I was inside parked car across the street from my landlord and I was still worried about getting evicted lololol He must just accept that one of his tenants is a singer lol. I know it's not much I will be sure to keep the posts coming. https://voca.ro/8vslh8lq4IR https://voca.ro/gGBV663ICZk
  8. I think I may have a potential solution to yesterdays issues. An unwillingness to open my mouth and actually use my chest voice. So i tried to address thistoday after listening to josh groban singing You raise me up. Please let me know what you think of my chest voice. I'm working on vowels. The ee and the oo came out not so chesty and my ah was hella breathy for my liking but let me know what you hear. Thanks. https://voca.ro/2pMKuzj0nH4 https://voca.ro/luqcFNXefWE Also as i was trying to see how high i could take chest I felt like I hit a wall at E4. It felt a little uncomfortable. I'm not sure how to proceed from there.
  9. Working on vowel integrity mainly. I also noticed I was singing from my throat which I wasn't happy about. My throat was sore when I done and my entire abdomen was exhausted. This has never happened before in my throat. Arpeggios https://voca.ro/9QowLVVCj60 https://voca.ro/41KZAagW8SX La https://voca.ro/knCdht5AqlR Ohh https://voca.ro/kSZTxQsZzjc Song practice https://voca.ro/04VWxZK42Wd https://voca.ro/8CV81NScOLT https://voca.ro/eOdzhR6L051 Please advise me how I could Keep my voice in my frontal/ buccal area rather than my throat... Thanks.
  10. Today I worked on opening my mouth more and articulation. Please let me what you think of my efforts. La https://voca.ro/noLjJnEM0yu https://voca.ro/eVmVm9zcUX4 You raise me up https://voca.ro/7yXIfLjlmal
  11. This practice session i was really focused on my support and fixing my stubborn ooh vowel. I also started new repertoire- ""You raise me up" so forgive me for not knowing the melody off by heart yet. Vowels https://voca.ro/nS7BU1OQBUj More vowels https://voca.ro/a38nveARPyr 5ths https://voca.ro/a38nveARPyr Song practise https://voca.ro/3MOTLKTb2YR I could feel myself getting frustrated because I was struggling to support the way I wanted to.
  12. Thanks Davie for educating me on that holistic approach to breath support. It's really helping and I'm getting a good abs workout lol. Howdy. Here's what today's practise session sounded like. Listening back I can tell I'm distorting my ooh vowel a quite a bit. That's why I took a moment to focus on it. and and I'm also spreading/straining my eee as well. Any other advice gang? Thanks. I deliberately opened my mouth more as the key went up as well whereas I was going for a more nasal placement on the lower notes. Tell me what you think:) Vowels https://voca.ro/b0JyUmT69wU Not much thought process here I just sort of went for it. The only thing is I was going for a slight crescendo at the top. Arpeggios https://voca.ro/l2M3O0yt7VU
  13. Hello Singers. I Just wanted to celebrate 6 months of voice training. I'm not good yet but I've made progress and I just wanted to share it. As far as pitch when I started I couldn't even match pitch with the piano. This is what I sounded like when I started learning voice. Brace yourselves. https://old.vocaroo.com/i/s1pn1TGDul1n This is what I sound like now. I know it's not much but it's something. 5 tone scales https://voca.ro/oEmzjGBKd16 Pushing my range https://voca.ro/2xBCU3A28No Song practise https://voca.ro/aW8cA5Q9nrX https://voca.ro/8s9Ruc1gNQ6 https://voca.ro/kBfuMuFWR5f https://voca.ro/oSFdYZoMC1r Any Comments and advice would be great, Thank you.
  14. Today I mostly practised my support and you can also hear me doing some experimenting with my tone and placement and opening my mouth a little more. Please let me know what you think. Thanks a million. I apologise for the accompanyment being so high in the mix. https://voca.ro/5cRSn6KPAqG
  15. Another practise session done and dusted here's what I'm sounding like. Bb scale https://voca.ro/IfIZq5jFt0G Tuning 5ths https://voca.ro/kC9Tvwwk3Eo Tuning minor 3rds https://voca.ro/awf9qBsUsEW Had to move the mic further from my mouth no choice here so sorry for the volume drop. Pentatonic scale https://voca.ro/joQae6gCNS2 I heard some nasality issues so I tried to correct it and create more space in the mouth. https://voca.ro/7LxbNAndH9C Any advice would greatly help Thanks a lot.
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