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  1. Thanks Mr Grumpy.. You couldn't helpfully recommend what cable would be needed for that set up? "I'm new to digital production" just to quote, being that it's an audio recording it would be 2 quarter inch line out jack cables from the digital piano to the audio interface.. any idea what the connection would be from the interface to the mobile?
  2. Hi Regarding the Yamaha P125 digital piano, would it be possible to record the sound from the piano through an audio interface to a mobile device, and still recieve a equality recording? This would be an audio recording using (Wave Lab audio editor) installed on the mobile.
  3. Hi, I checked out the link's you provided, and it seems the Lighning to USB3 cable connection is for MIDI not audio.. the P125 has a USB TO Host port, that refers to a MIDI recording.. it also has 2x 1/4 inch Jack ports which provides for a audio recording, therefore needing a audio interface to connect to the Ipad.. which is not possible as the Ipad has no 1/4 inch jack ports..
  4. Hi, Unfortunately my Yamaha P125 has recently stopped working due to a technical error, fortunately it's still under warranty and has now been returned to Yamaha, estimated return is 4 to 6 weeks.. at the time it stopped working i was recording audio samples "solo piano" for a new site.. Seeing I'm now without a DP.. I'm searching online for royalty-free piano samples, or for better quality to purchase.. just a minute half of MP3s, pop ballads and jazz.. could anyone helpfully recommend any online sites?
  5. Hi Is it possible to record audio using the sound engine pre-sets from my Yamaha P125 digital piano, in to Garageband, using an Ipad?
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