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  1. I was around 15 or 16. Freshman in highschool. My dad's friend's daughter had this 100 dollar Johnson Strat that she wasn't using and was giving away. I remember him telling me about it and next thing I know, it's in my room. That thing became my reason to get up because I couldn't wait to learn the next song on YouTube guitar lessons and cover the songs. Only a few years after that I started taking songwriting really serious. I'm not sure that I would be here if I never got started with that guitar. I still have it today and it definitely has a story.
  2. That's very interesting gardo. The strings on this baby are in fact very not fresh. lol I will buy new ones and see if that fixes the problem. Thanks!
  3. I just bookmarked this topic! I've always wanted clear directions on this process. Thanks for the post!
  4. First just want to say I'm glad to be in a great place like this, where there are countless pros who know way more about guitar than me! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated on this issue I'm having. The 12th fret on the 1st string of my Tele is flat and I've tried turning the screw at the end of the bridge. It didn't work. The string got sharper, but the 12th fret was still flat. What do I not know about fixing the intonation on my guitar?
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