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  1. $150 firm, Paypal only. Original owner, used only in home studio. Awesome piece of kit for quickly making vocals sound great for anyone who’s using your microphone from music to podcasts. https://www.manualslib.com/products/Focusrite-Voicemaster-2895088.html A real swiss army knife for vocals, including: Discrete Transistor Input Noise Reducing Expander Vocal Saturator Opto-Compressor Voice Optimized EQ Opto De-Esser Master Fader
  2. $300 firm, Paypal only. I’m the proud original owner of this awesome true 4pole 24db analog filter bought in 1997. Its had a chill existence in the home studio. All the pots were replaced by a So.Cal Waldorf authorized partner in 2001, haven't used it much since then and they are still tight and smooth, good ol' 90's German engineering. This unit works great and sounds awesome. Includes: 1) Power supply 1) Original manual! (It’s a fun read) 2) Two MIDI cables ~ 4’ each ( the ones in the pic, (1) Neutrik & (1) Hosa) 3) Three 10’ Whirlwind 1/4” TS mono cables (the ones in the pic)
  3. $150 firm, Paypal only. Original owner, excellent condition, works and sounds awesome. https://www.outlawaudio.com/products/990.html Includes: 1) original remote 2) 6’ coaxial SPDIF audio cable 3) 4’ optical TOSlink audio cable 4) two DVI/HDMI adapters
  4. $150 firm, Paypal only. Excellent condition, one owner bought in 1999, never gigged or taken outside of home studio. Includes new 10’ Hotwires brand XLR cable.
  5. $100 firm, Paypal only. Extron USB2 Extender & Gefen AV Extender with digital audio Very handy extenders to have, especially if you have a lot of cat cable laying around haha, but I'm including (2) 50' Cat5e cables with this set, so you're good to go. (1) USB Sender - Extron 33-2306-01 A = Computer side, USB2 connects to computer. This Tx unit can connect to other Extron products besides the module for sale here and vice versa. (1) USB Receiver - USB Ext. AAP RX BLK = Remote Side, (4) USB2 port are able to be used up to 300' away from the computer host. This module is meant to attach into a typical electrical gang box with some Extron bezels. (1) AV Sender - Gefen Component w/ Audio Extender S = sends analog component video (Y,Pb,Pr), Stereo Analog, Stereo SPDIF, Stereo Optical (1) AV Receiver - Gefen Component w/Audio Extender R = receives analog component video (Y,Pb,Pr), Stereo Analog, Stereo SPDIF, Stereo Optical are able to be received over 300' away from source.
  6. $100 firm Paypal only. These are from my turntable modding days. Selling all as a set: (2) Technics 1200 Headshells from original Mk2 tables (they come with old cartridges - Shure & Stanton) (2) Brand new RCA PCBs with internal ground connections (2) Technics OEM grounding cables with fork connectors (one still has the pre-soldered tip on the cable end) (4) Technics OEM green power LEDs (4) Canare spring tension relief RCA connectors (4) Brass bullet RCA connectors Assortment of colored cable tension relief pieces (red, white, yellow, blue)
  7. $150 firm Paypal only. Used not abused never gigged only used in home studio. I tried to zoom in as much as the phone would allow to show the excellent condition of these styli. This kit includes: (1) ortofon silver anvil case (1) Nightclub cartridge (2) Nightclub E styli (1) Nightclub S stylus (1) Foldup manual (1) Ortofon DJ Genius sticker
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