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  1. I really appreciate the replies by you all and for clarification, the Pacifica I currently have is the 612 with great components and it plays great and I can get pretty decent funk sounds (I agree, the player has a lot to do with that style sound, incidentally, and a lot of players I hear don't "hear" that they are missing the groove of that sound). With that all said, I would love to mod out this guitar but haven't gone that route before. I am reading and watching luthiers and just don't want to screw up a guitar because of lack of previous experience. Hence, my questions about the PRS's and my references to Fenders, both of which I deem great guitars in interesting and unique ways.. Again, thanks for the advice and I am glad I stumbled onto this site - you guys are great!
  2. New to forum, so, please excuse questions that may seem obvious. I am upgrading from a Yamaha Pacifica to an upgrading this month. I'm trying to hit that clean, funk tone, and am looking at Fender Stratocasters, Teles, and PRS S2 Vela
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