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  1. Thanks I am in Utah and 50’s year old Do You recommend any Udemy course? if so which ones
  2. Do You know of any free ones that are good ?sorry money is very tight
  3. Flowing Melody Moving Forward In Motion What I am trying learn here How to understand how to keep a Flowing Melody Moving Forward In Motion along the Music path What are all the most common ways that can stop a moving flowing forward melody dead in their tracks ? Idea of using this 1.I will know how,why and what to not do to avoid this from happen 2.Or I can use this newfound information as a tool to manipulate for creativity reason more effectively? I hope this make sense
  4. [p]For example, let’s say that you have a G. It could belong to the chords G, Gm, C, Cm Em, Dsus4, Eb, A7, Am7, and a bunch more.[/p][p] [/p][p]Is there a online tool where I can find out all the chords for a certain note in this case a G note[/p]
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