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  1. Trying to decide between these three for monitoring with my IEMs and doing multitrack recording. My main concern would be latency (free?) mix monitoring of my drums in my IEMs as a standalone mixer. My 2nd gen 2i2 has been wonderful for guitar and vocals, but maybe the Behringer is better for this application? Looking for whatever is the least fussy and most predictable! Not using it in a 'live' setting, just for practice and recording. I'd need a lot more info here. The focusrite has better pres, and eqing to tape in a daw is silly. That feature is right out imo. The better pres make a difference, but only if the mics you are running in are going to sound better through better pres. I've had absolutely zero latency issues tracking 8 tracks at 24/96 on the focusrite. It's more dependent on the computer at that point, not the interface. I have a KSM137 overhead and a Rode NT1 in front right now, plan to get a beta 52 for the kick and probably Audix d2/d4/i5 for rack/floor/snare. I'll probably be practicing more to tracks than recording, ideally without needing a computer to do so. https://scrabblewordfinder.vip/ https://www.applock.ooo/ https://www.7zip.vip/
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