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  1. Just found this researching pf85. still relevant lol. Just add 10 years lol. Hey SylvStewart? You don't still have that pf85 do you? Lol Almost joking...
  2. Yessir Garthman!! Will do!!!! @DeepEnd ooooooooohhhhh!! that makes a lot of sense now. So basically that's just the way takemine does Elect/Acoust in my price range I guess I'm going to just try and keep an open-brainwashed-mind lol. Thanks again guys!!! Big helps!!! God Bless!!
  3. Hey all, sorry I'm so late to respond. I wish I could reply individually to everyone, but the reply button sends me to the bottom of the thread, is that how it supposed to work lol? Anyways I think the obvious advice to acknowledge is play, play, play and NOT worry so much about brand name or look or what have you. I think that's what Idunno was saying... somehow lol. But definitely BIG thank you SteinbergerHack, garthman, Grant Harding, and DeepEnd May not be the advice I want, but the advice I need 😁😁 So, Thank you. Also I REALLY appreciate ... gitnoob - I'll definitely keep the solid top in mind, love washburns, have no idea why lol. Been having my eye on them. Will try to keep my mind more open to yami's Thanks again bro, "solid" first response!! haha DeepEnd - I did not know that!! This advice is superbly clutch. Thank you!! I will avoid electric acoustic G series Takis if possible (I was looking at a lot of those lol). I've seen some E series almost in my budget lol. might check them out instead. Yes im also partial to breedlove lol. SteinbergerHack - I liked what your were saying about beginner priorities, comfortability and ease of play. Really struck a chord, drumrooolll crashhh. Lol. However, that actually does apply for me, thank you. I should have mentioned my skill level straight out lol, although I think it may be obvious by my knowledge lolol. Emory - I couldn't agree more man!! I'm very partial to used guitars and instruments in general haha!. I just didn't want to exclude any guitars from the conversation lol, but still . . .I love used guitars. My best friend has a beautiful 3/4 Tacoma (the way I see them more often that not). I like those guitars a lot. Tacoma reminds me of growing up in WA as well lol. Love that story!! that is why me feel about my budget haha. Glenn F - Those guitars were previously off my radar and are quickly working there way up my "watch out for" list. Might have to take someone's advice and PLAY one at guitar center or something lol. Appreciate that man, I'll be looking further into those two specifically. Idunno - I appreciate your input my man, even if I didn't understand it lol. I think your saying pay no attention to brand, just sound. Idunno(😜) but it seemed well intended lol. onelife - I hate yamis! No i'm playing lol.... kind of (Maybe I just don't like alpha males lolol). But seriously they always seem sort of stiff and airy to me.Except their classicals. I actually have a "Guitalele" made by them, I love it lol. But that's different cuz it's mine lol. I think I just need to play some more of them. I've heard alot of good about FG and FS, and not just here. Also, the X series which has caught my ear recently. So for anyone who cares here is a running list of guitars I want to play (off the dome) ... somewhere in my budget. Takis (lol) S6 Yamaha X series Masterbilt Artwood Olympia Crafter Alvarez Something Alvarez Something Fender Guitars I want to know more about Walden and Eastman Silver Creek Recording King Art and Lutherie Anyways, it's a start!! Thanks again, yall are an enormous help!! Keep em coming. FEEL FREE to suggest any additions OR subtractions!! P.S. Special Thanks to everyone who stuck up for the 350 dollar guitar. It's honestly the top of my budget for the rest of my foreseeable future lololol. You know who you are Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hey guys I'm sure this has been brought up before, feel free to point me to the correct thread. I keep looking at Taki's, so now I'm trying to un-brainwash myself a little lol. Or maybe I just know what like...I don't know for sure yet. Help! Sooooo the question is.... Your favorite/best/exceptional guitars, used or not (I prefer used), Around 150$ - 350$ ????????????????????? No other criteria ... PS Really I want to know what y'all think but... I realize a lot of this is preference, so my main criteria are as follows 1. Sound (most subjective one lol) 2. Craftsmanship 3. Uniqueness 4. Toughness In pretty much that order. Anyways... doesn't have to be your criteria!! Takis still welcome!!!
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