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  1. Ah, so an AB switch type thing? "A" routes the signal to the (always on) effect that I'm trying to make momentary and "B" routes it straight to the amp and bypasses it. Nice idea & saves me trying to solder
  2. If I have a pedal that has an existing (9 pin) latching switch on it, is it possible to add a 2nd momentary switch to turn on the same effect? Or is this only really possible if I'm building the entire circuit myself from scratch? What I had hoped to do was DIY a little standalone pedal that'd sit side by side with my effects pedal and have them wired together in whichever way was needed, so the latching switch on the existing pedal continues to work and in addition the sidekick with the momentary switch turns on the same effect only when that switch is engaged. If I was to solder 9 wires to positions 1-9 on the latching switch and run them to positions 1-9 of the momentary switch, would that achieve this?
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