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  1. Awesome! Definitely the MSD-1, good eye. I will look into the Enya for sure, thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome and helpful advice Phil! You're right it does look like the RT26 as far as size other than the inlay and pickguard. I think I will check out the GS Mini and do some further research on Parlor models Cheers!
  3. I'm looking for a comfortable, smaller sized acoustic to play on vacation similar to the size in the picture attached. It seems like it is bigger then something like a Baby Taylor or Little Martin but still looks like an ideal size for me. Bonus points if you can let me know the name of the model of this guitar (I believe it is a Alvarez MD of some sort, maybe a vintage MD70). If you have any other recommendations for similarly sized, quality small body guitars let me know Thanks!
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